Edith Boot alert!

  1. Okay! Old men in parking lots have stopped me to tell me how much they like my boots? A guy cleaning a store front window tapped me on the shoulder to tell how great I looked in these boots. DH always makes comments about these boots?????

    Do you think it's a cheerleader thing???????:p
  2. I've been eyeing these boots forever but the heels are super high(for me anyways)!

  3. I understand your concern Mona. It gave me pause too. There is a slight platform and a fabulous toe bump so your foot has lots of room. I can actually clomp around in these babies all day long, in and out of my car, running up and down steps?
  4. Hey Susie,
    You know I think you're HOT!! I just wanna hear what all the men say!
    WOOF!! WOOF!! :winkiss::winkiss:

  5. Laughing, I just wish they gave me more attention pre-boot days!!!!!!;)
  6. Ditto on the heel height, love the look, but they are killer's for me, although I haven't tried Chloe boots in that height. I did buy a pair of brown Chloe in a lower heel --just had to have a pair of Chloe's.;)

    Chloe Bags 014.jpg
  7. I can only confirm susie's statement. I have these boots in muscat to match my edith and I get a ton, and ton of comppliments. I bought them last year on sale at NM for $670 and these boots definately paid for themselves.....I love them so much I just ordered them in black, with the help of the 10% off code.

    I love the rounded toe, it makes them so unique and the heel is comfortable as well.
  8. There is a pair of black low heeled boots in a size 42 on NAP but they are retailing for around $1000. I want them so much - or at least to try to on but I really am :banned:....

  9. Where did you get the black pair? From Yoox? Golly ceseeber I bought these mastic boots, fell totally in love, then splurged for more (and more and more....):nogood:
  10. yes, i just ordered the black ones from yoox today, totalling $504. In all honestly I really, really, really wanted the buckle boots with the high heel but net-a-porter doesn't have them in my size and I missed out on the sale at Barney's. At least I know I love the style and fit of the edith boots so there won't be any surprises.
  11. Such a deal!! I'm so glad a tPFer got those boots. I paid FULL RETAIL for my black Edith boots (no tab, different stitching). I searched high and low for the boots you got in size 9 but none were to be found. I didn't care that I had a mastic pair already! My jaw dropped when I saw your boots two days ago.

    I'm so jealous but pleased that someone got a fabulous buy!