edith big or medium??

  1. I am planning to buy a big or medium edith? however i still cannot consider which size should i buy .... i am 167cm and i am fine with large size, if anyone can post the picture of big edith with a model, that would be great :yes:

  2. Can you please convert to feet and inches? :P
  3. approx. 5 feets 6 inches ^^
  4. Daisy has a large one if she comes along. Maybe she has a photo.

    I think you could handle the large size just fine. If you like shoulder bags, the large goes over the shoulder while the medium does not.
  5. I am 5'6 and have the medium.its the perfect size...look at my bag showcase for pics.
  6. Personally I think the large is too large unless you are very statuesque. It just so big - it's looks more like luggage to me than a handbag. Because of it's styling it resembles an overnight bag very easily unless you have the frame to carry it off.
    The medium Edith is pretty darn big i have to say. I'm 5'5 and she's pretty big on me.
    Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks you gals, You all rock! :graucho:

    Actually i prefer the shoulder bags, if the medium edith does not go over my shoulder, then that would be my concerns ...
  8. I am 5'3 and I have the medium Edith and it is a really good size. If you are going to use it as a handbag, it's pretty big. I use mine for teaching, and it hold all of my papers, books, etc. The large is really big!
  9. Also when talking to SA's they called the large an "overnight bag" if that gives you any idea of the size.
  10. i love the large, i wear my balenciaga for normal days, and big edith for other use. what's the point of having same sizes of your bags, so i guess it's back on your bags collection, then u can decide the size.
  11. Hi seahorse, thank you for your opinion. Before few month I've just bought a tooled bayswater mulberry, actually the size is quite similiar as medium chloe... you are right, I should back on my bags collection and decide which size i need. now i know the big edith should be the right choice. :love:

    thank you!
  12. 'Luggage' or 'overnight bag' is a bit extreme but it IS big! I love it but I'm tallish and not smallish. =)
  13. ^^That's how it was described to me by SA's - not my words. I think if you're tall enough to carry the large Muse - it can be stunning!:heart:

    If anyone has photo's of themselves carrying the lg. Muse it would be great to see to put into perspective!
  14. I agree with beauxgoris :graucho:

    Daisy, how tall are you?? :idea:
  15. I saw a woman carrying a large Chamois Edith in LAX a couple of days ago. She was maybe 5'5, 5'6? It was massive on her and she was using it as her "carry-on". It took up her entire upper frame. I pointed it out to my husband and he told me that it was nice "luggage". :blink: I think the term "overnight bag" is appropriate. But again, if you are 5'9 or taller I think it would look nice.

    I guess you have to evaluate what you want to carry inside the large Edith and if it will be an every day bag. If you carry a laptop, business folders, cosmetic bag, wallet and umbrella than it would be perfect! I can carry all of those things minuse the laptop in my medium Edith.

    I am 5'4 and carry a medium Edith and it is considered one of my "large" bags.