Edith being discontinued??

  1. When I went to South Coast Chloe boutique, one SA told me that Edith is being discontinued. But when I went yesterday, the SA did not say anything. Does any one know if Edith is being discontinued??
  2. Well- I don't think it was renewed? The bags available for purchase now are either left overs from the end of various seasons or used - my guess. But who knows? Even the classic Paddingtons have probably been put on hold. A fashion brand has to evolve and have new items. Sometimes there are re-issues in new colors.
  3. Maybe they are trying out new styles now but will come back to the edith. Just my opinion, but I think the Elvire looks like edith on crack so I cant see that style being a classic or staying long, but I could be wrong.
  4. I have no clue but your comment about the Elvire being an Edith on crak totally cracked me up.:lol::lol::lol: I was laughing out loud, thank God no one was around me or they'd think I'm crazy!
  5. I am hoping that the Chloe purse people and the Chloe accountants notice that purse sales are down this year, and realize they must bring back the Edith styled bags...

    Either that, or we should start a petition...
  6. I definitely like their older styles better than the new ones. Well, except for the paddington capsule. I think their spring lineup may be little more interesting. THe SA showed me their workbook with the leather swatches. A lot of soft colors. Can't wait.

  7. I'd sign that petition!
  8. You lucky thing you! What store was a swatch book available at - a Chloe boutique??? If only there was one in the Midwest!!! I am on a mission to be a Chloe collector. Apparently no other bags appeal to me!
  9. Yep. Chloe boutique, south coast plaza in southern california.