Edith bag - leather question?

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  1. I'm usually in the LV thread, but am deciding on a red Chloe Edith bag (my first Chloe) .... it seems to have some wear on the edges, that looks a little scuffed/ whitish? ... does the Chloe leather lose color when it wears at the sides/corners or piping? can it be fixed, or made to look less obvious? Have you noticed this on your bag?

    TIA :smile:
  2. Like all leathers, if the corners get scuffed, the edges loose their colouring :sad:

    I've had one of my brown paddingtons loose it's colour on one of the edges, and I fixed that up nicely with some shoe polish. Waterproofed it too!

    I haven't had any issues with my black edith though, I've been very careful with the corners on it :yes:

    If you're really interested in the bag, you might be able to live with the condition of the corners, or you could always take it to a leather repair store, or email LMB, to see what they think :tup:
  3. thanks for your reply qwerty.... hmmm not sure what to do....I don't like my chances of finding a matching red shoe polish! LOL!

  4. Just realised you're in Australia! G'day!

    Have a look here: http://www.waproo.com.au/products/colours.htm I think it's sold in Australia only.

    I've used this polish before on my bag, it allows the leather to breathe, but water and stain proofs it, and also has a slight colour tint. Just be careful that you only use a small amount and buff it in really well, or the polish won't apply correctly and it will leave a really red mark on your bag. I accidentally did that with the beige one, got a white stain on my bag :Push:

    You should be able to find it from any local cobbler though, and you might be able to find one that's a close enough colour match :heart:
  5. oh thanks so much for your help, they do look like they are good possible matches!! :smile: