Edith back on NM

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  1. Damn - it still says "item is unavailable" for me! :sad:
  2. I guess it's gone already. :sad:
  3. I got a whiskey :smile:
  4. Did it come back "on" again? Or did you get it the first time?
  5. I got it the first time.
  6. They cancelled my order.
  7. Why are they toying with us!!!!!
  8. Because they know we want it!!
  9. oh no! that's too bad! I ordered one yesterday (after two cancellations!) and so far mine has "stuck". So keep trying! one of these times it's going to go through.

    And honestly, I myself am on 3 different lists- I'm sure I'm not alone! As the bags start to come in there will be massive cancellations all over.
  10. Wait - does this mean that stores (specialty and Department) are finally getting their Edith's in stock?!?!?!
  11. The NM site said that it would be May 8th, or never in my case.
  12. DAMN - I missed it again! : (

    Did anyone snag one?