Edith - anywhere on earth i can find one?

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  1. I'm desperate for a Whisky Medium Edith. I know i'm a little late here for the 1st wave of pre-orders - but I was hoping someone would have a lead for me as where I could get on a waiting list.

    Please someone give me some hope!

    btw~ hello to everyone - i've lurked here for a while now - but decided to join the fun!
  2. Hello and welcome! Ron Herman in SCP is taking pre-orders for the fall Ediths in grey and whiskey. They are scheduled to arrive in in July/August. I can get the number for you if you are interested in waiting that long. You can also find some (with the prices jacked up) on eBay.
  3. I was trying to avoid ebay - due to increased prices and being scared to death of fakes...
  4. neaixgpros.

    same as you.. i missed out the first pre-order and I need one now!

    from what i knew..

    LVR wont be expecting any more edith
    Aloharag will have edith at around aug but.. not confirm on color and size yet
    NAP you can put u r name down and pre-order a edith in whiskey or turquoise in medium size , expecting the bag at around May .

    The other way is you could try to ring your local department or chloe store to see any chance to get hold of one.

    My final decision is.. to waitlist on NAP.

    HOpe it helps vbmenu_register("postmenu_122598", true);
  5. ^^Thanks for the info!

    I'm sorry i'm kind of new to this - what is " NAP"?

  6. Net-a-porter


    They are online shop which sells authentic clothes and handbags.

    You might need to email them to get onto the waitlist since the item is currently sold out and they located in UK. so they will charge you in pounds + shipping.

    I will definately order one overthere because.. I checked out ebay and the price are too high! I got a few ppl offered me their edith bag which they purchased it from NAP but they r asking 10-20% over the retail price.. So i guess I better wait.
  7. Roz has some on Ebay (roz77772002) - she's an honest seller, many of the girls here (inc. me) have bought off her.
  8. i just got an email from BG asking me to confirm my order and give them my information.are you ready to buy now? i wonder if i give you her info, will she take you in place of me, because i preordered one tru the BG website.
  9. ^^Oh, okay. I looked on their site and it just said "sold out" so I assumed that - that was that.

    If you are on their wait list do they charge you when it comes in - or when they ship?
  10. YES! I am ready to order one now!! :love: I'm sorry what is "BG"? Is your order for the medium whisky? That would be wonderful if it is? Did you just change your mind - not that I want to talk you out of it!:love: :love: :love:
  11. normally u can choose
    1) ask them to charge and ship you the bag when it arrive
    2) ask them to notify you by email and you can choose to buy or not.
  12. bergdorf goodman. i placed my name on the list via email but never heard back. so i ordered one thru the website when it was available. now today i get an email confirming and wanting to know if i am still interested. they will charge only when they ship. pm me your name and email. i will email the sa back with your info. if this works out, it would be great because we will then both have one:amuse:
  13. ^^I just pm'ed you! :love: Did they say when the bags were expected in?
  14. i emailed the sa and forwarded a copy to you. let me know when you receive the email. good luck:amuse:
  15. I just received an email from BG that they have no more slots on their waiting list for the "Edith" - I hope your SA comes through! *fingers crossed!!*

    keep idea's or links coming ladies in case it doesn't!