Edith and Betty at NMLC

  1. For anyone that is interested the NMLC in Milpitas Ca has the following Chloes

    1) Red Patent Chloe, zipper pocket is front and back. Retail $644.00 Original Price $1840.00
    2) White Chloe, Retail $558.00 Original price $1595.00

    If you use your NM card you get an additional 5% off.

    Call 408) 941-1623 and ask for Jeremiah

  2. Sorry they were on hold under the name Terri
  3. what size was the betty? did have chain handles?
  4. Yes it has the chain handles not sure what the measurement is
  5. see if this helps
    red chloe.jpg white chloe.jpg
  6. Thanks Bentley! That is a great price on either of those bags. Makes me wish I didn't have two other chain handled Betties. STOP IT - gotta save my money for the bags I already bought - LOL!
  7. I want the white edith but my new gucci came today. Someone please tell me you bought it and put me out of my misery.
  8. Ok. I am so weak that I called anyways just to see if the edith was still available. It is gone! I hope some lucky girls posts who got it.
  9. You've been saved....
  10. I'm not sure I wanted to be saved. lol
  11. Gosh how many times do you pray under your breath, "Please be sold, Please be sold" to spare you an additonal purchase?

    Also do you ever notice when your totally strapped for dough that's when you see your most coverted bags and ususally on sale.
  12. Daaaaaaaaang!! I've been looking for that white Chloe Edith style--just back from vacation and missed that deal. Oh well, saved some $$.
  13. Ok who got the white edith?? Congrats. That was a great deal!
  14. I know. I want to hear too.