EDITH 250 person WAITING list!!

  1. Did everyone read in this month's InStyle how there is a 250 person waiting list for the Chloe Edith in the whisky color?

  2. I saw that! That's about right for the list at the Chloe boutiques!
  3. really? I take it you are talking about the states? In London up until a few weeks ago they were on display in stores! (that might have changed now)

    Did you guys not get such a big delivery as Europe?
  4. Yes, I am talking about the States. I pre-ordered mine from Ron Herman in California in February and they had ordered THREE total for their store. I don't know about the Chloe boutiques in terms of how large an order they placed, but I know there was about a 75 person waitlist at Chloe SCP in February, and they had closed the lists at the NY store by that time. Glad I got one!
  5. FOLKS ... that's total B/S!!!!!

    I just purchased the large-size Edith (in Chamois) at Gretta Luxe (Wellesley, MA). I literally walked into the store (not even thinking about walking out with another handbag) and ... BOOM ... there it was.

    They have about 3-4 of them (different colors) in both the Wellesley (781) 237-7010 and Boston (617) 536-1959 stores.

    Good luck ...
  6. Just to clarify...the 250 person list is at the CHLOE boutiques (in the states)...you can find the bag elsewhere if you are resourceful (or a PF member!). But Chloe itself has a HUGE wait list for Edith. And it's mostly for the medium whiskey Edith. I called Chloe NY the other day and they had a large chocolate available, but the whiskey is hard to find since it was the ad/runway bag.
  7. Oh ... but if you really want it, it is available elsewhere.

    There were a number of Chloe (including the Edith) at the Boston Neiman Marcus too.

    BTW: Gretta Luxe is a legitimate retailer here in the metro Boston area. Just about every year, it gets voted in the "top" Boston shops (this year is got the #1 slot)!! Just wanted to let everyone know just in case they were concerned about ordering from this store.

  8. Agreed...definitely can be found elsewhere.
  9. Beaux - you should call the stores CeeJay mentioned and also see if you can get a chocolate! NM in Boston: 877-563-4626.

    CJ, if you remember the colors and sizes you saw in Gretta Luxe and NM Boston, it would be helpful to post them here.
  10. I was at Nordstrom today fondling the Chloes and asked about Edith as I have never seen one IRL. The SA told me they are getting five total (didn't say which colors) for the whole company later this summer, and the waiting list is currently at 60.

    They had tons of other Chloes on hand, though......
  11. I saw a large chamois in the window at Gretta Luxe Copley Plaza yesterday. At least I am assuming it was the large because it was HUMONGOUS!
  12. well well i don't mean to be abnx but i was on the wait list number 5 for whiskey edith and got the call a couple of weeks ago and then turned it down bc just got a paddy in the same color. i told the lady to hold it for my friend and posted here if anyone wanted it but nada...SORRY!!!
  13. Which store was that? How long ago?
  14. There is a small Chamois at Saks in Beverly Hills. Cindy - 310-275-4211. I just spoke with her less than an hour ago and they are still open. They also had a large Whiskey.
  15. These long waitlists are crazy! I agree though that you can find the bags elsewhere...