Edinburgh Zoo Polar Bear pic!

  1. I went to Edinburgh Zoo for the first time in about 10 years last month, and I took this really cute picture of a polar bear called Mercedes. If you ever come to Scotland please go check it out, the animals there are so adorable :smile:
  2. Aaaaw, I love polar bears :love: I've only seen live ones in the zoo in Russia, but I'd love to go somewhere where they can be observed out in the free one day..
  3. aww too cute!
  4. I didn't know Edinburgh had a zoo, let alone one with polar bears in it - thats so cool! The only time I've seen one was at Central Park zoo many years ago. I wish I'd known when I was up in Edinburgh for the festival last year - I well would have visited.
  5. Aww Mercedes is too cute! Thanks for sharing with us!
  6. what a beautiful animal! thanks for sharing!
  7. Cute pics, thanks for sharing!
  8. He is so adorable!
  9. What a hard life being a polar bear Zzzzzzzzzzzz