Edinburgh, IN outlet question

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  1. I'm wanting a large chocolate and large parchment Zoe and have a credit. With the 20% coupon, I'm thinking about heading there this Saturday but was wondering what Zoes they have. It's about 2.5 hours from where I live so of course I'll call and see if they do have them and if they can hold them for me before I go, but I'm just wondering if they have these Zoes. Anyone know? Or can anyone tell me about their selection in general? For reference, I've only been to 3 outlets ever...2 in Orlando, both of which were a Coach lover's paradise and the one in St. Augustine, which by comparison to the Orlando outlets, wasn't that great. TIA!
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    I called the Edinburgh outlet yesterday and they told me they had some large parchment zoes (I think she said a pink or berry color) and some large siggy zoes but no more large leather ones. I have the large metallic silver zoe that I would love to exchange for copper or black. They did have some medium black leather zoes so I had the SA put one on hold for me. The zoes are 30% off. I live about 45 minutes away so I'm going down tomorrow. I almost went today until I heard about the coupon. She also said they had a lot of Bonnie stuff but I would call since there may be a new floorset Wednesday. I went three weeks ago and they had a lot of the Peyton leather bags. Good luck with your search.

  3. Thank you so much for replying. Did you maybe mean patent instead of parchment? Just a little confused since you said the SA said no more leather. The parchment is the color I'm really wanting and will make the trip after work tomorrow and get there just before they close if I have to lol. If you wouldn't mind, would you post back up what they have after you get back tomorrow? TIA!
  4. Oops, I think I meant Patent leather. I guess I'm not sure what parchment is. Is it similar to the siggy material? I will definitely post back after my trip and tell you what they had.
  5. Oh, parchment is just the name of the white/cream color, kind of like orchid is the name of the pink one. I didn't know what it was at first either, the only reason I do know is because I have the Carly in parchment. It's the regular matte leather, not the shiny patent, although I do think it has a pearly sheen. There's a pic of it here in post # 10: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/zoe-in-parchment-grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-457284.html

    Also if you wouldn't mind and can think of it...see if they have any Zoe wallets. I LoVe my parchment Carly, but I think the Zoe will be even better. Thanks so much!!
  6. Also...do you know if they do chargesends? I saw a post earlier about an outlet that has a bunch of large leather zoe's including parchment.
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    Sorry to get to you so late, my computer conveniently has a virus so I had go to my parents to use the computer. When I got there I asked the SA about a parchment zoe and she explained that it was a color not a material (which I think is gorgeous from the picture). Anyway, she had not seen any in a while and they did not have one. I think they do chargesends because I saw a mailed package when I was at the counter. They had a lot of large zoes but in reg. and patent leather. (pink, fushia, silver, black (got one:yahoo:), and siggy. They also had Cricket bags, swingpacks, wallets (got one of those too), and pouches. They had 2 green Peytons (I snagged the only Gold one left). They also had 2 Large Bonnie fold-over bags in cream with navy trim, and a lot of Bonnie leather swingpacks and pouches. They also had a lot of the Bonnie canvas pouches and bags. That coupon came in handy! The place was also a zoo which suprised me since it was tuesday afternoon. Call them if you get the chance because some of the shelves were empty and I think they are putting new stuff out for tomorrow. I hope you find what your looking for. If you go tomorrow, let me know if they did put new bags out. I might be crazy enough to go again this weekend!

  8. I did not see any zoe wallets but like I said, it seemed like they were getting ready to put new items out.
  9. Oh it's okay, thank you so much for posting back! I've been checking for you obsessively :lol: Congrats on getting your new Zoe! I hope you love it. I'll give them a call in the morning. Since it's 2.5 hours away, I probably won't go unless they will do a chargesend and need me to pick it up or go to the store to pay or something. I have no clue how those work, I think I'll post a new thread, I have all sorts of questions. Thanks again!

    Oh, and I'm no longer looking for a Parchment Zoe wallet...scored one on the bay tonight! :yahoo:
  10. Now I have to back to the outlet since my new Zoe did not come with the dustbag inside. How much did you get your new wallet for? I'm definitely going to ask if they do chargesends because I want an acorn Zoe now. I wonder if we can the coupon for chargesends?
  11. That's a good deal for your wallet. Let me know if they let you do the chargesend.
  12. I called, the SA I talked to was Megan. She said they will do a chargesend! So maybe you can get that woven Zoe! She was friendly but had no clue what I was talking about when I said parchment Zoe. She kept saying, "The one with Mahogany?" And I would say, "No, white and gold." Then she'd say "White and Tan?" "No, white with gold metallic trim." "Tan and mahogany?..wait, white and gold?" "Yes! White and gold!" No kidding that went on for several minutes. lol...anyway she finally figured out what I was talking about but they didn't have any. She said they do chargesends and did a search but couldn't find any stores in the district with either the chocolate or parchment Zoe. After I thought about it, I bet she thought I was talking about the parchment Carly....it has mahogany trim. Anyway, I don't know how the districts are split up, like how many stores are within the Edinburgh district but I would think at least one outlet within the surrounding states would have at least one of the bags, but she said they didn't. She did get my name, address, and phone number and said she'd add me to the client tracker and they'd call if they get either in. She also said she thinks they'll be getting a lot more Zoes since they just did go to the outlets. I thought they've been there a while, but maybe she was speaking relatively, I don't know how long boutique bags typically last in the outlets. I don't really trust the client tracker system, I've read a lot here about people not getting called when the store gets the bag they want. So I think I'll still call other outlets, maybe some in Ohio and Tennesse to see if they have any and if they're in Edinburgh district. Bless her heart, she was really trying to help me but she was so clueless! Anyway, maybe you'll have better luck. I'm really hoping to get something sorted out before the 20% coupon expires but I bet it'll be back.
  13. I'm going tomorrow... I'll see if I see any. Hopefully there is more stuff out. I wanted that gold Peyton! Booo! :smile: I get the feeling that Edinburgh outlet sucks. LOL I know that sounds funny, but I seriously see all the great things everyone gets from the outlets and I feel like the Edinburgh one is pretty lame. Never found anything super amazing there. *SIGH*. I think I'm mad because I wanted a Grey Peyton or a Parker Hippie or even a Sabrina but they never have them. :sad:
  14. ^^Yeah, let me know if you see either Parchment or Chocolate large Zoe (12669). I've never been there, but I know what you mean about feeling like it's lame. For a long time the only outlet I had ever been to was St. Augustine and thought it was awesome...until I went to the ones in Orlando that had a MUCH bigger and better selection. I want a Parker Hippie, too. There's some speculation that Parker might hit the outlets soon like Zoe has, but even if they do I don't know how many (if any) Hippies that will include. I hope you get the Peyton you want!