edie sedgwick : factory girl > the movie ?

  1. I had heard that there would be a movie about Edie Sedgwick, the "superstar" of Andy Warhol's factory. And that Sienna Miller was chosen for the main role opposed to Katie Holmes (Thank God !).
    Anyone knows anything about it ? when will it be released ?

    I love Andy Warhol's work, and I am fascinated by the character of Edie.
  2. i don't know when it's released ut i think they're done shooting.
    not a fond of sienna miller as edie though, and def. not for katie either
  3. I';m kinda confused, Edie Sedgewick was a model who overdosed...but I'm not sure the connection with Andy Warhol.
  4. they kinda hang out together a lot...
    and edie was one of warhol's muse
  5. ^ ohhhhhhhhh hehe I'm definately interested in seeing this.