Edie 31 or Edie Turnlock

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  1. I am trying to decide between Edie 31 and Edie Turnlock. I am thinking about Edie 31 in black or Edie Turnlock in Fog. Which style of Edie do most of you prefer between Edie 31 and Edie Turnlock? What are the pros and cons of each bag?
    Thanks for your help in deciding.
  2. I don't have either but I did try both on in the store a while back. The main difference I noticed was that the turn lock Edie has a slightly longer strap drop and seemed easier to get items in and out of by dropping one strap and keeping the other still on your shoulder. The Edie 31 was a little more awkward to get into this way because of the shorter strap drop. I also felt the turn lock bag felt a little more comfortable when wearing it on the shoulder.
    Maybe someone who owns either can tell you if there are any differences between the insides, I don't really recall if there were any.
  3. I have just decided and bought the Edie 31. I debated long and hard on the turnlock edie alternative. My decision was based on the following:
    1. Like the fact that Turnlock Edie has a longer handle drop but the chains were too shiny and dressy for me and added extra weight.
    2. Generally the Turnlock edie is heavier than Edie 31 due to more hardware.
    3. Preferred the turnlock closure on the Turnlock edie, but zipped middle compartment contented my security issues.
    4. Size wise both about the same, happy with the 3 section layout.
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