EDGEY BAG is adorable...

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
Im in Florida on vacation...yet managed to check out the small CHanel store here..LOL(LONG AS* day in a airplane with a baby...I deserved a little eye candy..hehe)
NOT too much stock....but they did have one EDGEY bag in black for 2750..LOVED it but the one they had was pretty scratched so Im worried how itll hold up if I decide to buy one?
Thoughts ?
its such a fun mushy bag IRL!!!!!
it would b a GREAT MOMMY bag but Im worried about the scratches I saw...HMMM
I loved it . It was really a casual smooshy bag. The trunk show rep said they are making more slouchy styles for the youngins. LOL How FLA? Upgrade I hope
^Im exhausted.....Plane delayed....baby puked on me in airport.....(gagged on a french fry and i wore it..LOL)....Hotel is a PITA....BUT I did get an extra adjoining room for the kids...
I had a WHOPPING ONE HOUR in the Millennia Mall.sigh.then it was time for bed..hehe
Chanel store didnt have too much stock...i was kinda bummed!!!!!!!
F U ! LOL. Im up at 6 am. Then I nap . OK. Ha. no more black bags dammitt!!!! NONE. NADA. SANS Black bag. Im out of it right now. I have to be up at 6 am and go find a new bank. UGGhhh. Good night! I need Prednisone and Im not happy . Hello fat face.
have you seen the blue and beige? I agree the leather shows the wear and tear very easy, the beige would be least noticeable of all colors. Can't wait for another Jill's reveal pix :yahoo:
Ugghh, you deserve a new bag for traveling with an infant. I know how hard it can be. It does get easier as they get older. Keep us posted on your bag decision and enjoy your trip!
^its WAY harder traveling with a baby than i remember..LOL!Im so exhausted!Im gonna lose some weight...Im too tired to even eat...!hehe

I didnt DARE bring my portobello either..hehe....I am using a nylon PRADA..and brought my WOC for if I get out for a nice dinner....
I've never seen the bag IRL but just ordered it from Neimans during the chanel event - should be here soon....bought it in black. Just can't spend that much for a beige bag. :biggrin: Have fun in Florida - hope the weather is nice still in the 50's in DC.