Edge, Hobo or Blade

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  1. I am looking at a preloved Celine and am new to the brand. Love the structure of the Edge and the the ease of a hobo. That said, the Edge looks like it could be dressed up or down and I adore the tan color, especially when wearing black. I also love the bi-color hobo. Just starting reusing my BV hobo and I do love be that style. Opinions on versatility and wear would be greatly appreciated. Oh and the Blade is still another choice. :smile:. So many gorgeous choices.
  2. Anyone?
  3. I've heard that the blade can get really heavy but the option to wear it crossbody or on the shoulder is nice. I had the opportunity to try it on a few years ago and did find it to be really heavy even with nothing in it.

    By the hobo, are you referring to the cabas totes? If so, the options that can be worn on the shoulder are very nice (I particularly like the cabas phantom with the belt) and would also make a great work/dump/travel bag. I particularly like the ones that can be tied to make the bag more secure. Just the right mix of slouchiness and structure in my opinion.

    It seems that many really liked the edge and were sad that it was discontinued and I think it makes an absolutely fabulous work bag. The snap pocket on the back on the bag is also really convenient.

    If you're thinking of one of these for a work bag, I would go for either the cabas or the edge. For an everyday/travel bag, I think any of these would work.
  4. Thanks so much for the detailed reply. The hobo is one with an open top and tie. Since I am retired, I am looking for an everyday bag. I do love that Edge bag though.
    I have found several resellers with some gorgeous choices and it is so difficult to decide. I am leaning towards a black hobo in the Palmellato leather. Again, thank you☺
  5. Glad to try and help! I think the cabas will be perfect as an everyday bag; easy to throw everything in and go and a little more secure than an average tote with the ties to cinch the bag in.
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