edesignershop!Are the bags genuine?

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  1. Hello all you bloggers,
    Big question, Has anyone ever shopped at edesignershop.net? If yes do they sell authentic bags? Because i just saw a Balenciaga i have to have and the price seemed realllllly good! Its actually too good to be true, almost 60% off. So can anyone help me out of this delima? I really want the sea foam green Balenciaga :s
  2. I'm no expert, so I'd wait for others to chime in, but I noticed that they sell what they claim are authentic, brand new louis vuitton scarves on their site... and brand new authentic LV anything is only sold on louisvuitton.com or on eluxury.

    Based on that, they are selling fake LV scarves, so, for me, that would call everything else they sell in to question as well.

    I, personally, would avoid like the plague. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. Chances are if the price seems too good to be true, it is. And also just because a website posts a picture of authentic bags, you won't necessarily get an authentic bag.
    There are already several threads about this website, so check these out ..


  4. Thanks a ton I actually placed the order for a green Balenciaga and even paid for it. Fortunately i checked out thru google so i had 15 minutes to cancel. i just checked the thread btw and saw your replies and ran like hell to cancel it. Luckily it got cancelled. Really alot of thanks.
  5. No problem. Glad you were able to cancel in time. I would recemmend heading over to the Balenciaga forum. There are a lot of great reference threads over there. It really helps to take the time to read through them if you are planning on spending money on a bbag. If you ever have any questions about a bags authenticity, there is an authenticate this thread and boy do those ladies know their stuff.
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