eDesigner Shop - do they sell authentic bags?

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  1. Is eDesignerShop.net for real? Their prices seem too good... a bad sign for sure :crybaby:
  2. It's been my observation that any online store that lists Prada bags by a Prada type style number is selling FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!! There aren't any leather ones that I'm familiar with, but they have lots of styles that are very commonly faked.

    Run elsewhere and fast!
  3. Thanks! I was really digging a Gucci cosmetic bag on their site, but $130 just seemed unreal.

  4. Nope they are FAKE! I ordered from there and took it into Gucci to compare and there were a few things taht were off. 1. the color of the fabric was slightly off, the font on the bag that says GUCCI was different from the actual and the most obvious was the spacing between the letters. On the authentic bags, the letters g-u-c-c-i are all perfectly spaced in between but not on the bag from edesigner.
  5. http://www.edesignershop.net/ -just curious if this is legit or not? somehow off this forum I clicked on something and it took me to this site - the prices are AWESOME, but are they authentic? thanks!!! :confused1:

    NEVERMIND....THEY ARE NOT LEGIT - see the link I posted below from someone else who posted about this company - so DISREGARD this post!!!
  6. what about activeendeavors.com
  7. Active endeavors is a great site-very legit!:yes:
  8. thanks so much! :smile: whew cause i had just ordered a botkier from there and then saw that bluefly (which i havent ordered from but i thought was ok) sells fake stuff!!! so i panicked that everyone does :smile: hehe thanks so much JNH!
  9. FAKE! I AM SO PISSED. i purchased a mini balenciaga from them and got it today. immediately i returned it...its not just a fake, its a bad fake...is there any way i can report them? i wasted 50+ on shipping and tax!!!!
  10. Not sure if this is taboo, but does eDesigner Shop sell authentic bags? What about BlueFly?

    I am new to this and am fearful of buying a fake bag.

  11. Hope someone has some insights into this. I saw some nice bags in this website but not sure if they are authentic.

    Anyone knows??
  12. I don't know about the other site, but I believe Bluefly is safe. What bag are you after?