Eden Descrepencies

  1. I was looking all around trying to figure out the strap. Then I contacted a seller who I knew sold Koobas. She also found another weird thing on Edens. Check out the Eden's on Elux. In the inside view of the black one there is a snap. Although on the inside view of the metallic one, there is NO snap.


    And on Kooba's site the picture clearly shows the strap going across the whole front of the bag.

    I guess whoever is making a particular bag has the right to change major features...LOL Not good for quality control at Kooba.

    eden strap.jpg
  2. I just got my Eden today. It is the weirdest Kooba I've ever seen. The pewter color is very similar to MA Sienna, which will always win in the carrying decision. The leather is a very tiny evenly pebbled subtle metallic - hate it! The style is something else. How you get into the interior of this bag is really different. The buckled bands that come down have snaps underneath. When opened, you have access to large pockets. This is the case on both front and back. To get inside the bag, once you open the buckled band on the front, you see two snaps at the top interior of the side folds. You unsnap those and you can get inside the bag. The interior configuration is like the other new bags - side zippered pocket as usual, plus three open pockets with one in middle only being about 1-1/2 inches in width, for pens, pencils or lip gloss. Also has the hanging dogclip for attaching keys. Will take some pictures so you can see what I mean. I actually think the style is kind of unique and it would be OK in the smooth black leather, but the pewter metallic is a loser, at least in my opinion. So, this one won't be a keeper for me. Pictures forthcoming on this same thread.
  3. OK, girls. Here she is. Now that I've really checked her out IRL up close, she's not so bad. The color has a irridescent gunmetal cast whereas MA Sienna has a bronze cast. The style is actually kind of cool and it's a good size, but I still don't like the evenly small pebbled leather. I think it would be a good bag in the smooth black leather, or in black or expresso suede if you can deal with suede. You'll see the dual snaps on each side that undo so you can get inside interior and the big pockets that are covered by the flaps and snapping bands. The front has a buckle. At the bottom of the one of the back is the engraved plate. The handles have square attachments and are decorated with snaps that are decorative and don't unsnap. Bunches of pictures to follow.
    Back.jpg Front.jpg Buckle.jpg Exterior Plate.jpg Upright.jpg
  4. More.
    Bottom.jpg Handles.jpg Interior.jpg Opening.jpg Side Snaps.jpg
  5. Here are the rest, including close up of leather. Would have had hubby model but he already went to bed.
    Pocket.jpg Side.jpg Top.jpg Leather.jpg
  6. Did the bag come with an instructiuon manual?????? Geesh

    The seller I know is going to contact her Kooba Rep and see what she says about the differentiation in bags. One bag seems to operate differently than the other even though they are the same bag/different colors.

    It could be valuable info later on when we need to start authenticating them. BUT...the good news is I think the Fakers see the writing on the wall and just bypass the whole Fall line for faking purposes. Isn't that the truth!

    Maybe Kooba is taking Notes from Gustto....their motto..."Abnormal is to be expected and is normal".
  7. Hmmm... this is weird. Do you think only the black has the magnetic snap and no 'over the top' strap and the metallic has no magnetic snap and has an 'over the top' strap?

    Thanks for the photos Nunnla, they're always so helpful.... but it's definitely not a version I'd be interested in, I'd want a black with the snap closure and no 'over the top' strap.

    People are going to get very confused when it comes to authenticating an Eden, with such variations, but maybe not so bad if the black is one version and the pewter is a different version.
  8. Can you imagine trying to replicate this bag, with all the bands, snaps. You do need an instruction manual to get into the interior. You have to unsnap the buckled band that covers the pocket every time you want to open the bag. Would have been better had that been separate, only for the pocket, and not for the bag interior as well. I'm hoping that the smooth black ones really do have the middle snap top and not the crazy band. What did you think of the leather close up? Weird, tiny, even pebbling.
  9. Kinda like the leather on the metallic Army Sienna. Both bags are metallic so do you think that has something to do with it. Does that leather hold the Dye better? I don't prefer this leather but on my Sienna, it's fabulous.
  10. The pebbling on the MA is smoother, this is more raised. It may be because of the metallic, dunno. MA is much better.
  11. Okay I know this is an older post but I just came across it on my quest for a black leather or espresso suede eden. I cam across this post because I am baffled by the closure pictures. I want the one that looks like two seperate straps that fun from the inside and down the front and back independant of each other with a magnetic snap closure so the top of the bag is open. Has anyone discovered which bag has this? thanks.