Eden collection

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  1. Hi everyone....

    Has anyone heard of any further goss or news about the release date of this collection yet?

    I am dying to get my paws on the Neo...
  2. Eden collection has already been released on 2/18. Some store already got them. However, not all store has received shipments due to bad weather. The green neo is sold out for now until the new shipment comes.

    P.S. Ops. I just realized you are from Australia.. im not sure about australia, in USA it has released already.
  3. Oh wow... I can't wait to see pics soon then!!!

    Fingers crossed that Australia gets a shipment soon!
  4. From my understanding it hasn't officially been released in the US. I just saw all of the Eden collection on Saturday but they were not for sale yet. My SA is going to call me when the Speedys arrive.
  5. It was for sale already. A few stores offered the green neo to me already. I didn't buy cuz I'm waiting for my store to get it so I can buy from my fav SA. Union square had 4 green Noe and sold them all already.
    Online already had some argent noe for sale too.
  6. Oh bummer... I wish I got the offer for the green Neo...

    The website has already sold out of the Neo in the argent...

    I guess I will have to be patient... hopefully I am on top of the list in Australia!
  7. I aready got my Speedy in peche last friday :smile:
    This bag is gorgeous! I have saw the green neo too, but i can afford both...so i choose.

    BTW, i am in France
  8. Please post a picture. My green neo just shipped, but I would love to know why you picked the speedy in peche over the green neo. I was contemplating on the speedy as well but have not seen either one in person.
  9. Please post pics C@ro :nuts:
  10. Sorry for the bad quality of my iphone picture :yucky:

    Attached Files:

  11. Beautiful darling :nuts::love:

    You should open a new thread at the main forum ;)
  12. Very pretty! I'm still waiting for mine...
  13. ^^ Congrats on your Speedy..It's GORGEOUS! :smile:
  14. #14 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
    Gorgeous gorgeous bag!!!

    How was the Kaki colour IRL? Does it look any good?

    C@ro Can you please take a closeup pic of the peche? I can't decide whether I should be getting the Kaki or Peche at the moment!
  15. Congrats! The bag is gorgy :P