Eddie Murphy..i Had To Look Twice

  1. [​IMG]
  2. NO WAY!!!:amazed:
  3. :shudder:
  4. Definitely looks different...
  5. wow, he looks very different.
  6. I did a double take, too. The mustache is gone...I think that is the difference. I like him with it better.
  7. :blink: I can't believe how different he looks! What happened? Is that a woman next to him?
  8. Not a good look for him. He should bring back the 'stouche. LOL, his date looks like a man.
  9. :blink::amazed:!!
  10. Ummmm.....strange....
  11. I think you're right. The missing mustache makes a big difference. There's still more weirdness there though.
  12. I forgot he got the mustache before LOL,
    Bad pics of both of them . I didn't know it's him
  13. his companion looks like a dude.
  14. I thought the same thing!!! :amazed:
  15. OMG! You're so right! Yikes!!