Ed Hardy

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  1. I know this is a long shot, but does anybody know where i can buy ed hardy stuff on sale? I do not trust ebay sellers. Thanks in Advance
  2. I've seen lots of stuff in Tjmaxx and Marshalls, not so cheap tho, shirts usually go for 60 bucks each.
  3. Are there fake Ed Hardy tops on ebay or something? I hope not, I just bought one yesterday.
  4. I used to find some cute ed hardy t-shirts on Bluefly. Also, if you're close to a Nordstrom's Rack, try looking there, too.
  5. Try NR
  6. oh theres tons of ed hardy fakes on ebay. i remember at my old job, when the head designer came in to check out the stuff at the store, people went up to him and asked him how to discern fakes. i never buy ed hardy so i didnt really pay attn (but he went on and on about the differences)
  7. Thanks, I will try bluefly. We don;t have a NR. OUr tJ maxx's are terrible.
  8. Oh no! Wonderful.....

    The person that I bought from has over 300 100% positive feedback so hopefully it's ok. Geez, I had no idea. Everything is being faked nowadays.

    Saks Off 5th has Ed Hardy stuff.
  9. theres a few threads on this - century 21 has some.
  10. I saw some shirts (men's and women's) on smartbargains and overstock.
  11. they have their own ED HARDY outlet in Los Angeles. ~ great price over there.
  12. I just got a t-shirt from TJ MAXX for $30 :smile: It said on the tag it was originally $85!
  13. do you know the exact location or address?
  14. dillards.com has a few things
  15. There are plenty of reputable Ebay sellers who don't sell fakes so just check the feedback!