Ed Hardy Jeans

  1. Does anyone have any?

    What brand do they fit like? Are they stretchy? Any info appreciated.

    I'm trying to figure out what size to order I'm a 27 in Sass and Bide (although some of their 27's are pretty tight), 26 in Jbrand, 2 in Theory... little waist but SLIGHTLY disproportionately larger in the hips (apparently... that's where it's always too tight!) :biggrin: thanks..
  2. Oh, and how do their shirts run too.. :smile:
  3. *CRY*

    No one? :sad:
  4. I used to sell Edhardy jeans,they are okay. I would buy their jeans though, there are brands with better fits.
  5. I just ordered a hoodie from Testimo, used the 20% off code. I dont know how they run, but I normally prefer a snug fit, so I ordered my usual Small. It should arrive monday, I'll report back.

    I dont know how the jeans run, sorry. :push:
  6. i saw them in real life. they were really pretty from far away but once you get close the denim doesn't look all that great
  7. ^Thats what I suspected. I do like the leggings though. I do however, plan on getting new jeans to wear with the hoodie. Im gonna hit up Off 5th.
  8. I don't really care about the denim or the fit, I just like the decorations on the jeans.
  9. Seriously? :wtf: lol Well, you can probably find knockoffs at kmart.
  10. I didn't say I wanted complete ****, lol. I just don't need the highest quality denim or the perfect $300 fit.
  11. emily there's a store at AM that sells Ed Hardy clothing. let's check them out when we get together next.