Ed Hardy clothing

  1. Anyone wear Ed Hardy clothing, if so what do you think of the style? Britney Spears was wearing a hoodie that I liked because it was different from my regular wardrobe. I'm thinking about buying both the hoody and the hat to match.
  2. I saw some Ed Hardy stuff in Nordstrom last month, but it was very expensive. I love the old-school tattoo designs on the clothes, but I wouldn't pay $200 for the stuff :wtf:
  3. I agree! But I would only get their caps/accessories. Wouldn't want what britney has!!
  4. I like some of Ed Hardy tees but not that jacket Britney has on. It's just a little too much.
  5. I have a lot of Ed Hardy tees! They are very nice!:heart:
  6. I own two Ed Hardy t-shirts. I like them, but won't spend money buying anymore. I'm afraid this trend might also go the way of his played-out Von Dutch line. Remember that?
  7. i have several tees/tanks, and a couple hoodies. they are nice, but i wouldn't pay full price for them... most of my ed hardy stuff were bought on sale or marked down. every now and then i find decent selection at Nordstrom rack or off 5th.