Eczema scars - What can I do about them?

  1. I have horrible eczema, and it's left horrible scars even when I don't scratch (rare occurence). I haven't really tried anything yet, I heard palmer's scar serum is really good and I used it on a small, dark scar and it worked wonders, however that stuff is so thick that I can't possibly apply it on my whole arm (that's how bad my scars are).

    Anyone have any advice on how to make them fade a little? Keeping in mind that the surface area is huge.

    Sorry, I just remembered, I should mention that I did do a search but everything seems to be for a small, localised scar. My scars are scattered all over my arm and back, so serums aren't plausible (i'd use up a bottle a day!)
  2. what do the scars look like and what caused them, is it just darkening of the skin through your excema or is it through medication?

    if you have used steriods for a long time on the area it really damages the skin. i campaign against the use of steroids over long periods of time because it has left me with no pigment in my skin all across my shins and feet and it looks awful. so if its that switch medication right away.

    if its darkening of the skin it is important to keep the skin as moisturised as you can, even if this means doing it 3 or 4 times a day, with a heavy duty emolient. this will help any future flare ups that will worsen it and lessen the damage that is already there.

    please do not use palmers on inflamed excema, it is perfumed and will do more harm than good. get an aqueous cream from the pharmacy. its cheap and will not harm your skin.