eczema help!!

  1. hi! i never had any eczema when i was in the philippines and all my life but since i move here in the states, i started having some. right now i have 2 ugly patches on my face and it is embarrasing!! i have yet to see a derma coz i just moved here in MI... i researched about it and there's diff kinds of eczema and treatments. so anyone here who suffers from it, can you pls help me for some temporary treatment before i see a derma... and bad thing is i called one and it's gonna be open on tues as it is holiday... any help will do... thanks alot!!
  2. i had it terribly all throughout childhood, and sometimes i still get it in the summer if i have to spend a lot of time outside. my best advice is hydracortizone cream, at least a 10% concentration. put it on twice daily, or more if you're feeling the need to itch, and you should notice a significant difference in a couple of days. i've had all kinds of perscriptions, but this stuff is the easiest and best way to go.
  3. I suffer with it on my hands and sometimes on my face. What works best for me is Elocon. I have tried just about every cream on the market (my hands get so bad they bleed) and this is the only one that kind of keeps it under control. It is a cortisone cream so maybe get an over-the-counter until you can see a derm.

    Also, you are probably not used to the drier conditions in Michigan. Try to moisturize with a very gentle lotion at least 2 times a day. Another good tip is to put some vaseline or even better Desitin on it, in between your cortisone applications, so as to create a barrier.
    There have also been studies showing that UV light really helps so if it is sunny out, try to soak it up. I always seem to get better when I am on vacation at the beach in the summertime.

    Good luck! I know how debilitating/painful it can be!
  4. Are you sure it isn't a reaction to a product instead. Especially if you got it after you moved. How long ago did it start and have you started using a new soap, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, etc. on your face? Is it only on your face or is it anywhere else on your body?
  5. ^^^ since it started getting cold, just last year :crybaby: and yes i have some few small patches on my arms, legs, tummy
  6. Whooaaa! I've never heard of a doctor prescribe above 3.

    To the OP: My mother, I, and my son have had severe eczema. Be careful with the hydracortisone. After awhile it thins the skin. Stay lubricated and wear mitts at night to prevent nighttime itching. It's the worst when the skin gets infected.
  7. hmmm. for some reason 10 stuck out in my head as what my doctor had told me a couple of years ago...maybe i'm mistaken. i always buy the same brand, so i stopped looking at he concentration.
  8. I use a prescription steroid cream when it gets bad. Not hydrocortisone, but any steroid cream is the standard treatment, AFAIK.
  9. my daughter has eczema and I have to put hydrocortizone and then aquaphor over that usually just at night before she sleeps. If it's bad then I do it 2x a day. If she has a patch that just doesn't want to go away then I will break a vitamin e capsule and put it on there. Usually clears it right up. I don't like the Idea of using a prescription strength cream on her. I had to once and it discolored her skin.
  10. Sorry OP...I was hoping you'd get some 'miracle' cures here.

    My dd, who just turned 2 has it so very bad. We are now using a 5% hydrocortisone as the 2% did nothing for her. Her pediatrician said if it didn't work, we go to a higher percentage. I think I'm going to have to as it's doing nothing!

    As a previous poster mentioned, if I do cover the cream w/vaseline (she mentioned aquaphor), I do see a noticeable difference than if I just apply the cream, and, the doc always asks me if I do that. It seems to 'seal' it better.

    I can't even use any type of soap now when I wash her. When she walks in the grass it really makes it bad. Poor, poor baby has it so bad.

    My 3 year old son has it too, but not as severely.

    If anyone has a better solution than what we've already posted, I'd love to hear it!
  11. I don't really have a better suggestion, and mine isn't too bad (got it as an adult on part of one finger, which I don't even bother to treat, then developed it on my face apparently as a reaction retin-A). I use fluocinonide and put that on my face when I got the outbreak from the retin-A, and it did not discolor my skin (thank god!) and cleared it up very quickly.
  12. I've had eczema my entire life. My doctor prescribed Elocon for me, but yes, be careful with the steroid creams as they should only be used as needed, as they do thin the skin over time if they're used too much.

    The best over the counter lotion I have found is Eucerin.
  13. oh my gosh!! thanks ladies!! keep 'em coming!! need more options to help me =(
  14. Hey Angel, watch the products you use as well and try to go with less chemical based products/more natural.

    For example, look for a soap that has a more neutral ph. there's this Johnson ph 5.5 liquid soap that works well for my friend. my friend has eczema as well . Dove is suppose to be good as well

    same thing with skin cream and other stuff you use often.

    my friend uses a steroid prescription cream from the derm.

    tues is only a stone's throw away! hang in there! i hope the eczema gets under control soon!!
  15. I think it is the weather that is causing it. Since you mentioned you used to live in the Philipines, where the humidity can go as high as 70%, your skin will definitely take a beating when you moved to michigan, a terribly cold and dry place. Have you tried putting a humidifier in your house? And I can never stress this enough... after you shower, always slather on lots and lots of lotion or if its okay with you, baby grade petroleum jelly is better. It is best to put lotion when your skin is damp. Also, instead of using ordinary soap, use liquid soap, like aveeno to help your dry skin. For the face, use heavy moisturizers from La prairie or La mer.