Ecru lamb skin riveting or Storm??

  1. I purchased Riveting Ecru 2 weeks ago from LV in NY, but I am now considering if I should exchange it to Storn.

    When I bought the bag, I was half happy and half regreting because I was so nervous about using the bag. Lamb skin seems to be so delicate and the white bag will probably get dirty easily.

    Besides I started to think that the bag might not be that popular considering it was still in the store until early November.

    Please share your thoughts if you would pick Riveting or Storm.

  2. I bought the Riveting when it was first released and wore it a lot...And today the bag still looks perfect, no stains.
    then again i take very good care of my bags.
  3. omg riveting... this bag is just so gorgeous... stick with it !!!! PLEASE! lol
  4. I think the riveting is gorgeous and you can also use it in the summer.. I wouldn't change it for the storm bag!
  5. Thank you so much, all!!
    I am now convinced to stick with the riveting.
  6. Keep the riveting so gorge!
  7. yep, riveting!
  8. Riveting is gorgeous! Keep it!!
  9. Stick with the Riveting- it's gorgeous!
  10. rivetting!
  11. I really want a riveting bag still, I just haven't pushed myself to spend the $$$ yet!
  12. keep the Riveting. you can use it all year round than the Shearling which is definitely only for cold weather. the worst thing is to buy bags because they're popular. buy what you like.
  13. Keep the Riveting!!!:love:
  14. Def Riveting. I have it in mono, but would love to have it in black and ecru lambskin.
  15. I just got it in ecru lambskin, it is gorgeous!!!!