Ecru color Stratus PM Cloud bag is available

  1. Hi everyone,

    Anyone is looking for a Stratus PM in ecru color? There is one in NM @ San Diego. Probably the last one in US.
    This bag is actually on hold for me, but I purchased it at another LV store 2 weeks ago, so this NM one is available right now.
    LV@NM: 619-543-0100.
  2. i'm starting to love my Stratus PM in ecru.....i thought i really wanted the beige...i gave up on the search after talking to 2-3 LV stores.

    do you LOVE yours, Tigger?!!! i still haven't used mine yet, just looking at it every once in a while.......:sweatdrop:
  3. Wow.. that's great..

    I tried to find one all day, since yesterday I found out that they sent me the wrong colour. Today, 866 located one for me at LV Atlanta... hope this time I will get the right colour.