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  1. cho mama -
    woot woot - congrats!, was it easy to post/sell?
    I'm SO intimidated with doing the -bay thing, am not interested in any hassles, etc.....

    So, enlighten me w/your experience w/ecrater, pls. :heart:
  2. No, eCrater's is different - in that sellers can't leave ANY feedback. Period. Because they don't require buyers to register. *Bay does.
  3. One thing I found if you're searching for HH items on eCrater...

    I couldn't figure out why sometimes there were lots of HH bags, then the next day just a couple, then when I'd check again all the bags would be back. I thought that was totally crazy! :confused1:

    Then I realized it was how I did my search. Their engine isn't as good as eBay, so when I typed in "Hayden Harnett Handbag" it only brought up those listings that included the word "handbag." When I typed in just "Hayden Harnett" I got all of them.
  4. Thanks for moving, and my apologies for posting in the wrong place!