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  1. Hi ladies,

    Sorry if this is a super old topic...I did a search and found that a lot of RM ladies use ecrater a lot but what about for HH? I am just completely unfamiliar with ecrater and wondered if you ladies can tell me a bit about it? Safety of the site? Sellers with (0) feedback?

    I'm very tempted to give it a shot, but I'm a little nervous!!!
  2. I've bought a couple of things off ecrater and couldn't be happier. All my experiences there were pleasant and the whole process was easy and stress free. What is it you're thinking about? A particular bag?
  3. I think the big thing w/ecrater is that the site doesn't charge fees to the seller, which is really good for buyers too (b/c the seller doesn't have to inflate prices to try to recover costs). Still seems much less used than the bay, though, and I'm curious as to why - is it just under the radar, or ?
  4. Yep, I was looking at this...

    I REALLY (really :drool:) want it! If I'm looking at it right, the seller has no feedback yet...?
  5. #5 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    No experience yet but hoping to have some soon!!
  6. Bonanzle is good too Sdnoobie!
  7. Pretty Lorca. I can totally see why you're interested. You could ask the seller a question if need be, right, if you having any qualms at all.
  8. I looked at the listing, and it's a tPF member, so you could contact her.

    It's hard to say about these things; I don't have much experience, either. But if it was shipped w/insurance and I used PayPal, I'd probably get it if it was something I really wanted.
  9. i've sold some things (including bags) on ecrater. like h8 said, i don't have to mark up to make up the seller fees like on ebay. the things i've sold on there i've just wanted mostly to find new homes for. i haven't tried making money on it or anything - i think that would be more difficult since there definitely isn't as much traffic as some of the other auction type sites.

    i haven't bought through it yet, though!
  10. I just bought an item on eCrater - not sure I care for the feedback system - buyers can leave feedback, sellers can't. Reason? Because buyers don't have to register to buy something.

    I think mainly that eCrater is just under the radar - hopefully it will catch on - but then they might start charging fees. LOL.
  11. I have never even heard of ecrater before until just recently. I just might have to try it sometime.
  12. But the bay just switched to the same system - sellers are no longer allowed to leave negative feedback for buyers! I guess the difference is that they still require buyers to register, but honestly, it doesn't make much difference, since buyers could always just create a new account to buy (on evilbay) if they had unpaid strikes, or something.
  13. A little off topic.. but YAY!!
    I made my FIRST ecrater sale tonight!!
    So unexpected yet welcome!!
  14. Good for you Cho!! So is it totally free to sell there?
  15. Seems so!!