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  1. it is.

    This was my year to buy my Birkin, and I've saved for it. I just feel so hesitant because the economy seems to be getting worse! I am very thankful to have my job and I don't think it's even possible to loose but at times like this, it seems that nobody is safe. I really really want my Birkin, but every time I think about it I hear Suze Orman's voice telling me NO! DENIED! ARE YOU CRAZY AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!?!:wtf:

    Is anyone else having this issue?!?!?! Please share
  2. Its the same for me .Unfortunately wanted a birkin 2 years back ,but denied myself ,thinking it is too expensive ,but still I cannot get it off my mind ,but this year ,I saved and now with this economy ,I think I must be mad to spend ,but one thing for sure ,I know I have to buy it otherwise ,In another couple of years time ,I will regret again and the price will be double:sweatdrop:
  3. I know! Besides instant gratification, the price increase is another reason I want it now. If I get it now, I will look back in a couple years and be glad I did. But it's hard for me to spend that much at a time like this:sad:
  4. flamingosparkle, if I were in your position I'd ask myself

    "Is my financial position secure: is my job safe, do I have enough emergency funds (6 months expenses or more, given the way the economy's going) socked away just in case, do I have enough money in my retirement plan?"

    If the answer to these is yes, then this might be the time to get the bag. The price increases are not a major question in my mind because I really just want to figure out if I can afford the bag NOW.

    If the answer to these is no, I'd hold off on the purchase... Hermes will always be there, birkins will always be there.

    Good luck with your decision!
  5. What would Suze Orman ask? :thinking:
    Do you have credit card debt?
    Do you have an 8-month emergency fund (going by her latest episodes)?

    These are the only 2 things I remember from her 'Can I Afford It' segment :graucho:
  6. I think no matter the time, if you really want a Birkin you should get it. ( of course if you have the cash for it)

    First, of all if you need your money back you still can sell it, and you will get your cash back or so..... On that side you are safe.

    Second, your Birkin will mean a lot to you, you will feel good using it and this feelling will reflect on your face... That is extremely important to feel and look positive, optimistic , especially in those times of morosity.

    Actullay your Birkin will help you in this econmy ! Trust the experience of an old fellow Hermes fan ! I have lived several lives since I bought my fisrt Hermes bag, and belive me, no matter your financial status, an Hermes bag at your arm always have a strong positive impact in any situation !

    Besides, wearing a Birkin ( or an y other Hermes bag) allows to wear more simple pieces of clothing... ( less is more) . You will be amazed on how much you will save on clothing and fancy accessories once you get your Birkin... Isn't that good news ?????
  7. flaminosparkle-Hoping that you are able to purchase it!I was happy to purchase mine when I did because I am afraid of the price increases as well.In fact it was shortly after it arrived that gloomy news were surfacing more & more about the crisis.I hope you follow your heart but let the head be in charge.
  8. Wow-loved what perlerare had to say I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!:yes::yes:
  9. The only thing I don't totally agree with is the money back. You may not recoup all your money, and it may take time to sell so that is the one thing I don't bank on. I was talking to a woman who does reselling. A used Birkin is going for about $6,000, (minus her commission of course). So that's why I say don't buy it if you think you might need to sell it to recoup your money. Even if she is off, I doubt anyone would get the full value for a used bag?

    The rest I agree. All well said. I got my first 2 when the economy was really strong and it was still hard to part with that much money for a bag. The 3rd I got in September when it was just starting to go bad. But I didn't think about it and I don't regret getting it.

    When all is said and done, only you know if you can afford it. Job safety is never a sure thing even in a fantastic economy. Life happens and you never know so I think it's really up to you if you know if you can afford it or not.

    good luck whatever you decide.
  10. There is a lot of excitement surrounding your first birkin. If you can honestly answer to blueberry, go for it if it's your perfect bag.

  11. MissMargaux, you are right...this is why I wrote : or so.... ;)

    The resale value of a Birkin will higly depend on :
    -the Birkin itself ( Black, Red, Gold, and more recently Etoupe have been good sellers, 35 is a better seller than 30 ... )
    .the condition of the bag. ( it has to be really good, so watch the handles and watch the corners)
  12. Its a question I have been asking myself in all honesty,but I have saved so hard for my first Birkin,and even put some 'buffer' funds in the account to cover the expected price increase.I have let so many bags go for it,and its now seeming like my buffer will have to be increased on top of what it is already.

    It is an issue,but if I wait,what will they cost when I come around to buying one next time if I pass on this one?

    I think I am going to 'bite the bullet' and do it,I have waited so long now,I don't think I can turn it down without serious regrets.
  13. flamingosparkle, I understand how you feel.

    After, "trying on" the different H bags in my last trip to HK. I've set my sights on a 35cm Kelly. Brand new or pre-owned. Does not really matter as long as i can find it in the color & HW of my choice.

    What stopping me is that Im pretty sure I'll be hearing something from people around me... Like - "Are you crazy!"; "You are spending that much on just a bag!"; ""Wrong timing." etc...

    Then, there's the wedding of my youngest sister in Oct. that i have to think about. She is getting married in the US & I've already told her that the only time i (together with my husband & son) will attend her wedding is when i have extra extra to spend for the trip... I bet she will react if she sees me with a Kelly & i won't be attending her wedding. Ha! What a dilemma!

    I really want to get my Kelly this year but i just don't want to be thought of being insensitive to others feelings especially during this times.

    Well, it's just January... hopefully things will be better... & i can have my own little reveal.. :tender:
  14. flamingosparkle, what do you mean by you "have saved enough" for your first birkin?

    I like allanrvj's philosophy that having saved "enough" for his first HAC means having 2x the price of the HAC - i.e., when he buys his HAC, he has enough of a cushion left over that he doesn't worry that the purchase would leave with him without resources. Just a thought.

    If you don't have at least 2x the cost of a birkin in your savings, then consider waiting for a great deal on a vintage piece. It's a great time to buy vintage! :tup:
  15. agree with Blue genes! In this economy, I would not take the depreciation ofbuying new but look for the perfect pre-owned (and go to your sister's wedding) :smile: Also, please don;t buy the top best selling color -- unless it really sings to you magically!