Economically friendly Chanel bag?

  1. I've never purchased a Chanel bag before. I have Louis and Coach but no Chanel thus far. The bags from Chanel that I have admired in the past were a bit too pricey for my liking.

    Can you guys suggest some bags that are under one grand? Post pics if you can. ;) Thanks!
  2. there's not much left under a grand... and there will probably be less after the price increase. the small paris b tote is under $1000, as are the cambon and cotton club pochettes. i think that's about it though...
  3. w/c is not good for people like me who just recently appreciate the chanel beauty...............:crybaby::crybaby::sad:
  4. economically friendly & Chanel just don't match....

    I'm pretty new to Chanel too & started buying Chanel only 3-4 months ago.. and it's draining my pocket... fast & hard

    Wait until the next sale if you want to save some money.. I love my MM tote that I got on sale
  5. i agree^^^^. chanel is going to increase prices again so below $1k would really be difficult.
  6. Unfortunately economically friendly + Chanel = an oxymoron. :sad: You might be able to find a cute cotton club pochette, timeless clutch, soft and chain pochette, wallet on a chain (though I think that's just above 1K now) for slightly under 1K. If you want a classic bag that's more economical compared to the rest, but still a few hundred over 1K, then the E/W flap, or the PST are both great options! :smile: Good luck with your future purchase! :tup:
  7. I think the caviar timeless clutch is the best bet for under $1k. It's a gorgeous bag. :drool:
  8. Some of the bags from Chanel's "Sport" line are under a grand- don't expect a classic leather Chanel bag though, as most of them are nylon, vinyl, or some other type of fabric.
  9. I would get the E/W flap for $1395 or the new small Rock Vinyl bag for $1195 or the PST which I think is $1250. Anything less than that will be wallets and such. The Timeless Clutch is beautiful too. I'm not sure on price though and that's definitely an evening bag.
  10. timeless clutch caviar $995 (before september 1st price increase.. I think)
  11. Yep. Cotton Club pochette or caviar timeless clutch would have been my two suggestions.

    It's hard to find any Chanel bags under a grand these day. Hurry though and beat the Sept 1 price increase!!!
  12. how about the vinyl coco cabas? might be hard to find, but it's priced at 995$
  13. ^Can't believe I forgot that.

    Yeah it's pretty hard to find now, but you could try eBay. It's a little big for my taste and I'm not a huge fan of patent, but I do love the design of the cabas.
  14. Lol @ price increase. I feel like I'm buying a house omg. :/
  15. Do they even have Chanel sales in Toronto? I'm always at Holts, and I only see like Kate Spade, Coach and like Fendi etc., on sale.