Eco-friendly diapers

  1. Anyone use them? If so what brand and where do you buy them?

    I saw G Diaper kits on GMA and was curious. I had know idea it took a single diaper 500 YEARS to decompose :wtf:.

    Here is a link to the article
  2. Yeah, I will be using cloth diapers. We did a cost comparison. We'd save about 2500 bucks using cloth. WOO. The ones they have today aren't like the old days. I think we're going with the Bum Genius kind. One of our friends is using them as well, but she's due in October, so we'll wait to order until she's used them for a while.
  3. Whole Foods, Market Street and Central Market all carry them here.
  4. Is there a service for this, or do you launder them yourself :confused1:.
  5. I looked them up... so you just toss 'em in the wash. Hmmm....poop in my washing machine, I'm not sure how to feel about that :push:

  6. It depends on where you live. If you're near somewhere big I'm sure you could send them out. We're in a smaller town, so I'll be doing them myself.

    I really like the eco-friendly ones you linked too. Those would be great for trips to the mall, etc.

  7. If you do a bit more research, there's a sprayer that connects to your toilet line. You spray the #2s into the toilet and flush, then launder the diaper. Trust me, you'll get poop on your hands and clothes even if you're using disposable diapers. You may want to steel yourself now.
  8. most people don't use a service now.
    My sister used cloth w/ her three, just dump the poop and wash the dipes on sanitary seperately a few times/week.
    No big deal.
    They will not stay pristine white for long, my sister used to let them dry in the sun to bleach them back out.

    This website is great. Has all the accessories, etc. It also looks like they have some flushable kinds too!
  10. I have to say, I am relieved to know that people are using eco-friendly diapers and that there are many options. I haven't heard of a single one of my girlfriends using eco-friendly diapers.

  11. Yeah, my mom looked at me funny when I told her we were going to do this. I know she tried, but it was when the only option was disposables or the kind of cloths I'll only use for burping. I'm really intrigued by the flushables now too.
  12. We cloth diaper our little one. DH found a lovely store a bit away from where we live that sells home made organic cloth diapers - which was exactly what we were looking for! Good for the environment, good for the baby, and good for the SAHM's that make these to help support themselves!

    It's really quite easy. We don't use a laundering service...When it's poopy, we put the poop in the toilet and flush, and then throw the diaper or insert (depending on type I'm using) into a bucket with water we have. We run diaper laundry about every other day, which seems to work well for us. The diapers get very clean (we wash them on HOT HOT HOT) and we haven't had any issues with staining or discoloration yet.

    When we go out, we do use disposables, mainly out of convenience to us. We're not out that often, and when we are, we hardly ever have to change a diaper so it's all good :smile:
  13. I used cloth diapers on both my babies and loved them. I was against chemicals on my babies skin. I used a all in one diaper. It was cloth on the inside and had a plastic outer cover and velcro on the side just like a throw away diaper. I used a insert in it (long piece of materical made for this use) and a paper liner that you just threw out and I think there were ones you could flush too. It was a very easy system to use and I never had a problem.
    I have used Bumkins all in one diapers, they were my favorite and never leaked and washed and lasted forever. I feel they were the best. There is a website for a online store called:
    Soft Cloth Banz that sells a large selection of diapers. They have Bumkins and also a diaper called Haute Pocket diaper that looks great. You would also want to get diaper doublers that absorbe more liquid in the diaper and the disposable diaper liners.
    I know a lot of SHAM sells their own version of diapers but I have tried some and they were never as good in size and fit at the Bumkin diapers. I also loved to use the organic terrycloth diapers with a waterproof diaper cover, they were so soft. Ecobaby sells these diapers.
  14. I just bought the Gdiaper starter kit. The cotton exterior feels very soft and pliable. I'll be curious to see how it pans out when the baby finally arrives. I'll be sure to post updates if I have time :smile:.
  15. I used cloth diapers, popped them in the wash and washed them on as high a heat setting as possible. I had to to laundry twice a day. If there were big messes I just dumped them in the toilet.

    You do think poop=icky but baby poop (breastfed baby - don't know about formula fed) doesn't smell bad or feel repugnant though you might expect it to. I guess it's because it's your kid!