Eclipse shoulder bag small and medium comparison

  1. Does anyone know the difference in size of the eclipse bags? Is it a lot bigger or not? I am 5'3, slim and don't want a huge bag to hang on me but I do need one that offers more room. Pictures would be nice. ALSO, what do you girls think: Brown leather trim or off white leather trim? I wonder if the offwhite trim gets dirty quick.

    Thanks. here are the two bags:
  2. The first one says 8.5 x 4.5 x 12.5 inches.. The 2nd one says 7x 3.5 x 10 inches. I have the large tote in the off white leather Eclipse/ Ellipse Hardware. It's my everyday bag..
  3. I just wanted to add that I have the Large Tote (not in any of your links) but it's in the off white leather..I really like that color combo!
  4. Thx for the reply. Is your large tote a lot bigger? Do u happen to have a link to where I can see one?
  5. Ok.. I know I don't have the best outfits on in some of these pics but this is what I have in my photobucket account

    I bought it last year? Gotta run to my nail appt.. I'll be back...
  6. mssmelanie, nice gucci bags! i love your big horsebit shoulderbag.:yes:
  7. mssmelanie, :heart: your bags, love the messenger baaaag :love: :heart: :love: , is it still available? And how much it goes for?
    Have to have that one :rant: :rant: very soon :rant: :rant:

    Thank you.
  8. Trishhh - thanks! I wish I used her more often.. She really has to be used with a non flashy outfit because it's already got bold details on it.

    Gucci ~ I just checked the Gucci site and the messenger bag is on there. It's $695. I just carry my necessities and have both hands free.. I like not having to worry about my shoulder bag sliding down my arm when I'm shopping and going through racks...

    Everytime I go to Gucci, customers ask me about my messenger bag and send the SA's looking for one.

    Here's the link to the messenger bag
  9. Thank you :tender: , is there any coupon code for Gucci site?
  10. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hmm.. I've never heard of any Coupon for the Gucci site.. Sorry :sad:
  12. msmelanie- luv yr gucci bags.. i'm eyeing the messenger bag! :yes: and you are such a natural beauty!
  13. Thanks Kahlua! I am so glad I can come here and share my bags.. I work in IT and if I ever wear a new bag the guys just rag on me "How much was that!":Push:
  14. i love the gucci bag in the first picture, mssmelanie ! :love:
  15. Thanks RoseMary! I think I got the last one in the Madison Ave store last year :smile: