Eclipse Reveal! Never seen this on TPF or in person b4!


Marc Jacobs LV Denim Obsessed
Jun 6, 2014
I recently sold my LV bureau agenda because it just didn't work for me... it didn't snap like the regular agendas, so the papers flapped all over; but I don't like the rings on the regular agendas. I like to use my own notebooks.
I saw this on LV site and thought that this iPad mini case could house my notebook, pen and so much more... plus, it is "hard sided" and zippy. I had them order it in today, and y'all, it's awesome! I put a few things in just to show scale and what fits. I'll get a cuter notebook for sure.
I think I'm in love! IMG_1484176925.922118.jpg IMG_1484176936.417172.jpg IMG_1484176948.255258.jpg IMG_1484176955.801805.jpg IMG_1484176965.826119.jpg IMG_1484176973.092705.jpg IMG_1484176982.865369.jpg IMG_1484176992.096158.jpg IMG_1484177001.845178.jpg IMG_1484177012.511613.jpg