Eclipse owners - do you still like/love it?

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  1. I have a little (ok a lot) crush on the eclipse since I first saw the line. The other day I saw a lady carrying one and I couldn't help thinking about it. I'm wondering if there is any cons this line may have.

    So as current or former owners of the eclipse, do you have any opinions on it?
  2. :bump:
  3. Sorry, dont like this bag (Ellipse I assume) at all. to me it looks like a grandmas bag (no offence to all owners)
    It's just bit oldfashioned looking....imo

  4. I believe the OP is referring to the Eclipse from the F/W runway this past year.

    I have carried this bag once, on New Years eve, and received tons of stares, compliments. The bag is a head turner no doubt. With that being said I haven't carried it since mainly because the weather in Texas has felt like Seattle for the last month or so, lots of rain and cold. Also, I feel a little strange carrying it to the grocery store, Costco, sports bars, you get the idea. So currently I'm debating whether to sell or keep, haven't decided completelyl only because it is such a piece of art and I'm afraid I will regret it someday if I do.
  5. I have also carried my Eclipse only a couple of times but it's still my favorite evening bag :heart:

  6. i also carried my ECLIPSE few times , she is still one of my favorite bag.......
  7. Addams, I was afraid of it being strictly an evening bag. Although I'm sure some would be able to full it off for a more casual look. It is so gorgeous.
  8. Well I know there are several ladies on here that do carry it anywhere regardless of the occasion. I guess I'm just a little more picky about that. As far as how well it holds up, i didn't find it fragile at all. The sequins are sewn on very tightly so that was never an issue. It's just so pretty that for now I want to save it for those times when I need a show stopper on my arm. If you can find one then you should definitely buy it and carry it proudly. Maybe I'll loosen up more once the weather gets nicer.

  9. I don't have this bag, but I'd have to agree. I'd only use it for special occasions, not necessarily just evening events, though. I just think it's too pretty to wear to work or school, which are predominantly the places I go. LOL
  10. I have the eclipse speedy gold, love it, but have only worn her three times since I bought her in Venice in August. I must say, if I had it in black, I think I would wear it much more often, just feel like the gold is a bit too much for everyday. As far as weather goes, I am in the Seattle area, it is not so bad, and it Does NOT rain everyday! beautiful and sunny today in fact...... the rainy weather only deters me from wearing anything with a lot of vachetta on it. I have pondered selling mine, but I think this is one Ltd, LV that I should keep, the workmanship is like no other LV ever made! I say if you are lucky to have one, keep it!
  11. I also have the Gold Eclipse Speedy. I've used her only a few times. I haven't been using it as I'm in California and it's rainy season right now. When the rainy season is over, I will bring her out to show her off again.
  12. ^ Your eclipse looks gorgeous. It's good to know that the sequins are sewn tightly on. I guess I'm afraid of snagging it onto a sweater or something. The gold looks gorgeous but I wonder if the black sequin is easier to wear.
  13. The black sequin is easier to wear, but I like the gold sequin because it show up more.
  14. I have the pochette in black and I still love it. I don't carry it often, but I knew that this would be the case when I bought it.

  15. Sorry, I don't like this one. IRL it looks frumpy to me. I went into the store to get it when it arrived, but it wasn't "singing" to me, which my SA knows is a must for me. So, it stayed in the store.