Eclipse is available in US!

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  1. I had heard that the Eclipse Monogram might be a Japan exclusive, but I'm happy to report that my SA here in the US just told me she has these in-hand at the shop!!!!

    This is the pic she sent me! Looks like I'll be getting something new this week!!!

  2. The only Japan exclusive Eclipse were the Fujiwara fragment x LV pieces.

    Monogram Eclipse and Illusion launch on the 15th. Some stores already have the pieces as shared by some of our lovely posters.
  3. Sorry I misunderstood.
  4. I love these pieces! Thank you for the picture :smile:
  5. I would consider the slip on sneaker of that canvas line. :loveeyes:
    But the line on bags and wallets kinda bore me.
  6. Why are all the men getting all the good stuff and all we keep getting is pink and more pink? Lol.
  7. Lol that's true the men stuff is pretty awesome.
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  8. LOL, right?!
  9. Thanks for sharing! Any pics of the Voyage pochette? It looks like the Toiletry Pouch 26 :graucho:
  10. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  11. I have orders in for the sneakers, slip-ons and pochette. I would love the iPhone cover as well but I think it's wise to wait until the new model to update. Really excited about these pieces!
  12. I am not thrilled with the current bags offered in this line so I will wait until the next generation is introduced. I like the Poche Voyage but I wish it was the GM size like the Nemeth. But I can't wait to see everyone's reveals!
  13. Funny, I always complain that the men's line lacks color.
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  14. Kim Jones rules this world.
  15. I agree he rocks my world too .... always stellar collections
    Hope your day is going well:heart: