Eclat or no eclat?

Eclat Lindy or Non-Eclat Lindy?

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Jul 1, 2010
Hi ladies, I needed help or rather enablers here :graucho:

I am in the market looking for a lindy. I know currently there are 2 versions available, eclat & non-eclat. If all things equal, should I get a eclat lindy (more limited/special?) or a normal single colour lindy (possibly also available in a brighter colour since the combis for eclat are somewhat dull now) I am getting it in size 30, clemence & phw. My style of dressing is casual, jeans etc.

Its also kinda hard for me to start hunting for one in the first place since I cannot decide what I want. :sweatdrop:

Is there also a huge difference in capacity between a 26 & 30?

I will appreciate any advises given by all the hermes experts here.



Jun 17, 2011
it depends on what colours you want for the lindy..if you want a pop of colour (like orange/bleu electrique/rouge garrance/pink) then go for the single colours... i agree with you that the eclat combis are in pretty dull colours at the moment (or at least the ones i have seen!) and i couldn't even tell they were bi-colour until the SA told me (graphite/etoupe combo)..

as for size, it depends on your build and also how much you carry normally..

i only have the lindy 30 in single pop colours only and i love it!! check out the Ode to the Lindy thread to get an idea of the colours and size..


Mar 17, 2010
USA, Texas
Take a look at what the eclat options are for the lindy because there are usually only a few and the color combinations may not be your cup of tea. For example, in spring, there is moutard/orange, menthe and some other color, the new red with rose jaipur,... none of which would work for my particular coloring. KWIM?


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Jul 1, 2010
Thanks chincac & lala28 for your advises! :flowers:

I am surprised that not many ladies here like eclats based on the poll results. :biggrin:

I was searching for a Blue E or Tosca or any pinks, but unfortunately, none of these were available at my local stores or maybe I came in too late for them.

So far I have only seen graphite+etoupe & marron+rough h eclats. I sort of got interested in the eclats cos of the dual colours. May I ask if eclats are produced for every season? lala28, do you have any infos on the possible colour combis for spring? Cos when I ask the SA, she said she is not sure cos no infos have been given to them yet.