1. Hi

    I just sold a bag on eBay and the buyer paid for the bag using an echeque via paypal. A couple of days ago, an email told me that I needed to manually claim the money from paypal which I did. however, the payment for some reason still says "uncleared" in my account.

    Does anyone know whether this is normal and how long it usually takes for paypal to reflect that I've collected the money and the cheque has been cleared?

  2. It ussually takes 4-5 days for them to clear. You will receive and email from paypal when it does clear.
  3. ^^^yep. Then you can take it out of your account.
  4. I have recieved the money where it tells you to take the money out of the account, and so I did go into paypal and click on a button to action it. However, the amount still says "uncleared" in paypal?
  5. Everythig is all cleared! Thanks for your help!