eCheck- Why?


Mar 18, 2006
I've just had a buyer send me an eCheck that should clear in 4 days :Push: By no means do I need the money now, but what is the benefit of sending an echeck rather than PayPal? Whatever funds are needed are pulled from your bank account anyway. Now I have to wait for the check to clear before sending the item, meaning I have to ship the item on a different day than the rest of my auctions. It's a small annoyance, but I just don't get the logic of an echeck :confused1:
This is what paypal says about it-

Question: Why should I use an echeck?

Answer : When you use eCheck, you don't have to have a credit card or alternate funding source attached to your PayPal account. In addition, using eCheck means you won't incur credit card debt, since the money comes directly out of your bank account. eCheck is like writing a check, only faster and more secure.

I think in order to do the direct transfer, you have to have a CC on paypal as well in case the funds aren't in the account so it'll charge your CC for the amount instead. If you don't add a CC to your account, you have to use echeck so it gives it the mandatory amount of time to clear.
This happened to me a few weeks ago.

I hadn't noticed what had happened on paypal when the payment(s) were made. It happened to 3.

One of them mailed me and said they had received an E-Cheque and would post when it cleared.

It made me check my paypal account, and what had happened was my back up fund (Credit card) had expired. Once I put the new expiry date in, it went back to its normal status.

I offered with all 3 sellers to re-send payment. 2 of them said yes, the other wanted to leave it.

Only problem was, I could NOT cancel the E-cheque. I had to wait until it cleared and then they refunded. Which was NO problem at all. But, I must admit it could have ended up with me losing 2 lots of money.

Why dont paypal send a reminder like ISP's do etc.
E-checks are great! You only get charged $5 to receive them instead of the 3% fees!
I love e-check as well! No chargebacks either. It's more convenient for the buyer to send an e-check rather than writing out a check and then mailing it out.

And yes, I suppose if the item was $10 dollars, then it would cost $5 for the seller to accept the e-check. It's worth it if the item is about over $150 to accept the e-check because then the fee would be less than the 3% charge, or whatever the fee is now these days.
This is probably dumb BUT...when are you charged the $5 to accept the echecks? I've had a couple that were sent to me lately and I've only been charged the 3% like I am when people send me CC or direct payments.
^ That's strange. When I was sent an e-check recently for $600, Paypal only took 5 dollars instead of $18. Are you sure it was a e-check?
I hate e-checks and will not accept them as a form of payment. I've had them take up to 10 days to clear. I've also had them bounce just like paper checks.

To me, they're just a way for a buyer to stall for time in sending you a payment.
^ That's strange. When I was sent an e-check recently for $600, Paypal only took 5 dollars instead of $18. Are you sure it was a e-check?

Yeah it definitely was because I had to wait the 4 days for it to clear. I always take my payments and transfer them directly over to my bank account so I watch them and also don't send the item out until the payment has cleared. Maybe it's $5 over a certain amount or something? I don't sell expensive things like for an example: .99 magazine, $3 shipping, so the $5 to accept an echeck would leave me in the negative if it was $5 to accept them. That's the only thing I can think of. :shrugs: