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eCheck Refund issue


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
My ebay buyers always pay by c/c but today I sold something and this buyer paid me by eCheck under paypal. It stated that it takes about 4 business days for the eCheck to clear but the buyer now wants his item asap so he wants to reverse the eCheck and pay by c/c now. Can I issue him a refund even though his eCheck isn't clear? Or is there a way to reverse the eCheck? I can't find anything on the paypal website to answer this Q. :Push:

Thanks girls! :shame:


Jun 8, 2006
heehee.. that was fast. I was going to reply to you since this happened to me about 2 weeks ago!

Glad it got resolved! I couldn't get any help on it from Paypal and then when they finally replied to my question a week and a half later - they answered the question incorrectly!