eCheck Question?

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  1. Hi, everyone - I'm new here, with a question. I just started selling on eBay about 6 months ago, and have almost 100 positive feedback, but never have dealt with this issue. I sold an item on Monday. Buyer paid today via eCheck, and Paypal says it should clear on 9-21 to 9-25. I know I have 7 days to ship to be covered by Seller Protection - is it 7 days after the auction ends, 7 days after she INITIATED the eCheck, or 7 days after the eCheck clears? Just want to make sure I do this right. Thanks, all!
  2. Don't ship it until the cheque clears ! No no no . Sometimes these things never clear.
  3. ^ agreed! If the e-cheque bounces you'll have to payment and no item as well!
  4. it's 7 days from when Paypal tells you it's "OK to Ship". Paypal when tell you if it's ok after the check clears.
  5. Just wondering, was it an International sale?
  6. ^same thing ship until paypal notified you that the e-check has cleared.
  7. Thank you - that's what I needed to know. I am well aware not to ship until I have payment in hand, so I was going to refuse or return the eCheck or whatever, if eBay/Paypal expected me to ship BEFORE the funds were cleared. :smile:
  8. No, I only sell to U.S. addresses - I don't have time or patience to deal with Int'l buyers. :smile:
  9. Great advice here, just want to add that e-checks takes forever to clear.
  10. It should be 4 business days. I just had one.