Ecclestone Sisters

  1. Love Petra's shirt.
  2. Thanks, iMunz!
  3. They always have beautiful gladiator sandals!
    Great taste
  4. More shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday.



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    ^^ Tamara's romper is very cute and I love her casual style BUT I don't like Petra's outfit (besides her croc B of course). Sporty outfits were never my thing. I see a lot of celebs going out for a walk or a shopping trip in their gym outfits and I really don't get it... In Europe it's not very usual to wear your gym clothes in any other place but the gym! For me, Tamara's best is when she's casually dressed and Petra's best when she's formally dressed.

    I also wonder what they buy in all these shopping sprees - seems like they shop every single day!
    I'd LOVE to have both the time and the money to shop 5 times a week instead of two or three times per month, but I wonder if they get to wear all these things they buy, at least more than once!

    Plus, for us, mere mortals (LOL), shopping is an activity we enjoy because it helps us escape of our daily routine. If shopping, though, becomes a routine itself, then where's the fun of it? I'd still love to be able to shop every day though!:p:p
  6. Petra has a really nice figure.
  7. I feel like Petra is mostly photographed with work out clothes. This girl must live at the gym even though I am sure she has an at home gym in her home.
  8. I feel like Petra works out a lot. Tamara, on the other hand doesn't (she said so in her TV show).
  9. Tamara posing on the poolside in LA.

  10. I wonder if she'll move to LA to be closer to Petra.
  11. That's a possibility!
  12. She looks good!
  13. I think she's in LA right now because her sister lives there and helps her to get over the whole break up situation. Doesn't seem to me she'll stay there permanently!

  14. Are these the ones from the new autumn/fall collection ? I have seen them and I believe they are made from corduroy. If so, aren't they a bit too warm to wear in full summer ??
  15. She looks great in that bikini! Finally one that is flattering to her shape.