Ecclestone Sisters

  1. Both, in addition to bring broad in the shoulders and highly placed boobs. I swear when she gets glammed up, she also becomes Uncomfortable. When she's casualy dressed, she's really cute and comfortable.
  2. i agree, she looks a lot better when she's casually dressed. when she's all glammed up she has on too much make-up, makes her look years older.
  3. DvF:flowers:
  4. Wow I can't believe they are so young. They look 30+
  5. True!!

  6. Not a very flattering look...

    She looked great casually dressed - in a white dress - with zero make-up on and her hair up in a bun, when she was vacationing in Croatia.

    The effortless look suits her better.
  7. ^ Oh no, poor girl!

    LMAO @ your avi
  8. is there a video online LOL
  9. Visiting Petra's home in London today.

  10. ^ Tamara looks so much better dressed casually.
  11. Poor Tamara. Well on a positive note her bag is hot!
  12. I agree, poor Tamara. Thank goodness she is close to her family and this will help her through the break-up.