Eboutique Mc Fringe Listing Removed

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  1. Okay you guys, I was the winning bidder on a multicolor fringe bag that eboutique had listed:yes: my bid was at $3200, and there was only one day left until the auction ended, when I checked my email twenty minutes ago, I saw that the listing was removed due to some violation:wtf: I knew it should've been to good to be true:rant: I'll just have to order it from LV:upsidedown: all this waiting is driving me:noggin: I just thought that I would share this with you ladies.
  2. did you e-mail them? You never know what the violation was. . . could be nothing really. Maybe they're planning on relisting{?}
  3. Sorry to hear it! Better get on the list now, they are finished in Europe. What color are you hoping to get?
  4. hardLVcore.. There are still a white bucket plus 2 white speedies and a black one in denmark.. No one is on the list for them...
  5. eBoutique is a great seller! I wouldn't worry about HER violating any rules! She is pretty trustworthy! It's prob. eBay's idiot employees!:hysteric:
  6. oh, sorry to hear that honey.
    you should email them and ask...
  7. I've done that, so hopefully I can get a response.
  8. That is too bad...ebay has removed a listing of mine before, for stupis wording stuff. Hopefully you will get an answer and a fringe soon!
  9. Ouch! That's a bad feeling. I got mine yesterday at South Coast Plaza LV it was 3150.00 you've checked all the LV's near?? They are really hitting ppl up on eBay
  10. Please let us know what they say I am curious as to why their listing was removed? I doubt it's anything they did, I have a couple of friends that have bought from them and they have been thrilled.
  11. THANKS! That's what this forum rocks, if we all ask questions or put up the latest information we recieve, together we fill in the LV blanks and people can get what they want:party: Now how to get them from Denmark:ninja: ??
  12. I just received an email from Eboutique informing me that her auction was removed ....(I hope you guys are ready for this one) because she placed her phone number in the listing:yucky: I thought to myself as I was reading the email are they :censor: Nuts! REALLY, all the fake a@$ bag sellers that I report on a daily basis that stay listed, and nothing happens to these people that SCAM and STEAL from hardworking HONEST, ladies that love handbags at a good deal, but you remove her listing for BS, this is absurd:rant: I really hate ebay, and this is my first bidding experience. WOW, I am bidding on another item by a forum member and if I don't win, I won't shop on ebay ever again, EBAY makes me :throwup:
  13. I KNEW IT!!! eBay = bunch of MORONS!:hysteric:
  14. eBay sucks sometimes. Eboutique has a great reputation!
  15. I don't understant EBAY at all sometime...