Eboutique has white epi speedy on ebay

  1. ^^ That bag is HOT! But the price is :sad: It'll be out in stores soon so I guess we'll all have to wait and see....:whistle:
  2. Her prices are always.. :wtf: :push: :wacko:
  3. The price is too high :crybaby:I think I can wait from LV store here, lol
  4. I would wait-they will be 840.00 for speedy 25 on elux and Louis vUITTON.COM
  5. She always seems to get the new stuff very early...she has the Kirsten Dentelle show bags as well. I wonder how she gets them before anyone else???
  6. :yes: That was what I think, How can she gets earlier than others?
  7. i think she must know somebody or work at lv