ebony and brown damier handles!!!

  1. Does this annoy everyone I want to have a matching luggage set, but can't get the keepall in damier because it has brown instead of ebony handles......:cursing: Maybe it wont look as annoying when I go into the store and see in person, but online when I look at pics it pisses me off!!!! I want the keepall, pegase 70, and the vaslav or greenwich (probably not the right spelling) for travel, and I dislike how you can't choose handle colors.....does this annoy anyone????
  2. I the handels on damier are mostly the same color.
  3. What do you mean handle colours?

    All regular damier pieces have the same kind of "ebony-brown" leather.
  4. That is my understanding too. Maybe the colors are just off on your computer monitor?

  5. yes agree with karman... arent they all the same?
  6. okay first is very black, second very brown, third doesn't even look the same color the brown damiers look yellow!!! This was taken off the Louis website....these are the pieces I want including the vaslav as well, and it just looks like they have all different handle colors!!!:cursing:......I think it might be the pictures though...I'm going to LV in 2 weeks, we shall see!!
    S000N2324700T0.jpg S000N4141400T0.jpg 2004001258.jpg
  7. It's just the pictures. I'm 100% sure. I have 3 damier pieces and they all have the same coloured chocolate-brown leather.
  8. ^^^Agreed. Damier (ebony pieces) are all the same color handles.
  9. it is just the lighting on the pictures or something, they have matching color handles on the bags so u don't have to worry =)
  10. Yup... it's just the lighting.

    Pics on eLux and main LV website are always going to be different than what you will receive... this is just to fool counterfeiters.