EBF and low supply on one side - help needed!

  1. Whenever my baby nurses from the left side she never seems to get enough milk and crys for the right breast immediately after feeding. I can express milk so I know it's there and I just don't know what the problem is (slow let-down)??? Should I continue to offer the left or just use the right side exclusively and pump the left?

    Thanks for any help!!!
  2. My baby didn't like the right side, I think because it had a slower let-down and slower flow. From what I read on Kellymom, you can breastfeed from just one side. I didn't want to do that. I just made sure to always give the disfavored breast first (since they will suck harder on the first breast) and just be persistent with it even if the baby fussed. Now that my LO is a little older, I think my let-down and flow on the right is still slower, but he nurses just fine on both sides anyway.
  3. I would keep offering the left. I think it's common for one side to have more milk. I'm the opposite: my left makes more than my right. I always offer my right side first to stimulate production. I think it helps a little.
  4. I would try to hold her at a different angle. My son didn't like my right side so I held him in a football hold and it helped him latch better I guess? He took to it better.
  5. I had a BF consultant when DS was about 7 weeks due to several problems. When she watched him feed, she said one side fed him faster but the other side held more in 'reserve' so to speak. He was fussy on one side so she said to offer him the 'fussy' side first at every feed. DS has always nursed from both sides at every feed and now, at 8 months, doesn't really seem to care about which side is first.

    Letting your baby feed themselves will encourage milk production more efficiently than expressing.

    I was also told that babies know instictively which side they want so if your baby 'demands' the second side then let them have it.

    DS didn't really settle into a proper feeding pattern until about 8 weeks so it is tough going to start with but it does settle; I know it just doesn't feel like it at the time. I think if I hadn't have seen the BF consultant then I would have given up nursing at 8 weeks but she gave me so many tips and such great explanations.
  6. What age is your baby..? My fourth baby had a aversion to my right boob for the first few weeks ..I think let own was slower..I started to dread that feed so he felt my tension.. After a few weeks it settled own but I did feel stressed and he's my fourth so don't worry..!
  7. Thanks for all the replies! Now I am thinking that it's more a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance as baby has frothy green poops right after feeding on that side, lots of fussing and spitting up. I am keeping at it though and hoping that things correct themselves (going to start taking lecithin for the blockage). There is soooo much information that it is hard to figure out what the exact issue is.
  8. Good luck, cbrooke!