Ebene vs. Chocolate

  1. Can any of you tell me the difference between these two colors?

    I noticed at times some sellers say ebene is chocolate, but isn't there a color chocolate and a color ebene? Can you tell me the difference between the two in description. If you have pictures that would be great.

    I just saw an ebene on Ebay and that seller said chocolate too. So, I am wondering what is the difference. I could not see those swatches yesterday at Hermes.
  2. Chocolate is a descriptive term, and I'm about 90% sure it's not the techical name of any Hermes color. The only two true chocolate browns I know are Cocoan and Marron Fonce. Ebene is VERY dark and extremely close to black. A deep, coffee brown.
  3. Actually, from what my SA told me, the brown of box calf is called "chocolat" she showed me the list of orders and that's what the description of my Kelly said. I know that for other leathers they have other names, as Greentea said, but I'm sure that as far as box is concerned, the brown is actually called "chocolat"...:flowers:
  4. Ahhh, okay, that makes sense. I'd love to see box au "chocolat!"
    The other shades I've seen in Togo and chevre.
  5. Well, I just keep wondering because the SA told me she wanted to put me down for some neutrals...so she put down black of course, potiron, gold, havanne, chocolate, and ebene...and then some additional colors.

    So, there must be a chocolate and an ebene. I questioned her and they were two separate colors. I did request textured leather...scratch resistant...so it could be Togo or Clemence.

    From looking all on the net I think chocolate looks like a dark chocolate brown would and my only guess is ebene is even deeper and darker.

    Any comments? Have you seen either of these colors in person? Appreciate any input.
  6. I've seen the chocolates in person. KB, Ebene is lovely but a VERY dark, bitter brown. SO close to black. Did you see that Ebene Bolide on ebay. That's the true shade.
  7. KB, what about blue jean or any of the Reds? Rouge H is lovely...
  8. Greentea, I really do love rouge H, but I can't seem to make that work with all my clothes. I kept looking at it while I was at Hermes. I feel sometimes I am concerned about carrying a red bag. I use a red now...a brick red Kelly style and at times I carry it, but feel it is not great to carry a red bag given my outfits. I keep thinking I should have put that on my list, but I am leary about the color and spending all that money on it. I think later a Kelly in it would be great since I have my black box already.
  9. Absolutely - don't settle. Get what you really love!
  10. I kept the description tag that came with Chocolate box calf HAC that I bought recently. The color name stated on the tag is "Chocolat".

    Hermes has many different shades of the same color family so no wonder we are confused :huh: These are some of the Hermes browns that I've seen or heard of...:flowers:

    Marron Fonce
  11. I realize that there are many different under the one color family...I guess I just wondered what the difference was colorwise between the two, but it is just a bit too difficult right now I suppose.
  12. Hmmm, since you already have a black box, then definitely do not get the Ebene color since that's the darkest "brown" in the bunch. How about going back to the boutique and looking at Havanne or Cacoan? Just an idea... Rouge H is something that you can later get down the line, once you're done w/ your "basics".
  13. KB, check Montecarloclub on Ebay, they had a Birkin in Ebene and another one in Chocolate, the Ebene was pretty much close to reality 'cause I've seen it IRL, the other I haven't seen but the pics are pretty good so that should be close to reality aswell...I hope they still have them 'cause I haven't checked recently... It's difficult to discribe the difference, but what the other girls have said is pretty precise: Ebene is VERY dark brown, it makes me think of a coffee bean (the almost black ones) while the other brown is dark but warmer, like chocolate...:flowers:
  14. I think Duna did an excellent description of ebene vs chocolat! :yes: I couldn't have said it better!
  15. As always, you all are the very best!!! I don't think ebene is for me colorwise, but I had to make sure. I also love your opinions because you all know so much and have seen much more than me. Thank you!!!!