ebene vs. chocolate vs. marron fonce

  1. Can someone comment on the differences in these three if they were in the same leather, maybe a togo. I've seen pictures, but none side by side.
    I have chocoloate togo, but have never seen any of the others IRL.
    I think that marron fonce is darker and deeper than chocolate, with ebene having more dark purple (???) undertones than mf. Am I on the right track??

    Thank you!!
  2. I just wanna bump this thread up so the experts can reply to it. :smile:
  3. Here's marron fonce in clemence (courtesy of trama turgo)

  4. Here is Ebene in Clemence; definitely a cooler and deep brown--like bittersweet chocolate (hence the name) or espresso beans.

    Marron fonce (dark chestnut) has maroon undertones to it, is darker than Chocolate I'd say. In the spectrum of browns, from lightest to darkest, I'd say, Chocolate, Marron Fonce, and then Ebene. Each has distinct undertones.
  5. Here is Marron Fonce in Fjord (one of my favorite shades in this skin) courtesy of eBay seller bagalley; the maroon undertone is very evident here:
  6. Thank you so much!

    I was asked if I would accept a marron fonce fjord bolide instead of my originally requested ebene fjord.

    I think the answer is yes!! Woo-hoo!
  7. ABSOLUTELY ck!! ^^ I have a feeling you will love it. MF in Fjord is stunning; I have one on order I love it so much! Please post pictures when you receive it! Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous colors!!! I love anything that is dark brown. It is such a great neutral!
  9. I was hoping one of the experts may be able to shed light on this. The diference between ebene, chocolate and marron fonce....
  10. Hi Ladysarah, here is a thread that I recently found very helpful in trying to identify the brown shade of my vintage pre-loved Plume (which turns out to be Ebene). Refer to post #31 which very helpfully shows the top pic below, courtesy of Rockerchic.


    She doesn't say which is which, but I'm pretty sure the larger Bolide on the Left is Marron Fonce, the smaller one on the Right is Ebene, and the Dogon in the middle is Chocolate. As she states, MF looks to have Purple undertones, Chocolate has Red, and to me Ebene has Black/Olive undertones.

    I'm also including a photo of my Ebene boxcalf Plume below that for additional reference. Hope this helps :heart:
    bolides2.jpg MyEbene.jpg
  11. I think the bolide is definitely the Marron Fonce! I love this color! It is my favorite brown of the three.