ebene speedy - 6 stitches??

  1. Can anyone confirm or has the same 6 stitches Mono speedy 30 like mine? Please :'( i am worry that mine is a fake one.
  2. My mono speedys have 5 stitches and my DE Speedy has 6. My monos are MIF while my DE is MIUSA for reference.
  3. I saw a lot of authentic DE Speedy's with 6 stitches! =)
  4. My friend who has an aunt in italy help me to buy the mono speedy 30 from LV boutique with the original receipt...i check everything is fine but only the 6 stitches bother me a lot.

    I see a lot of posts says the receipt is real but bad people swap the bag.

    Do you think i should bring my bag to local LV boutique and have a check.

    But if it is a fake one then i will be very embarrass :'(

    I also saw some posts on LV manufactures in France is not always 5 stitches. Just wonder, is there anyone or expert can confirm this that Mono speedy 30 also has 6 stitches.
  5. Ive noticed this with DE. I have a Bosphore DE and it does have 5 stitches, MIF 2008 purchased in the Rodeo dr boutique, but when I browse on eBay and other places i see they have 6? Thats why buying anywhere but the boutique makes me nervous, and now I even question that with all thos talk of fakes in store. People are ruthless /:
  6. Something to share...today I made a call to Local LV boutique to check on my mono speedy 30 that I newly got from italy. The SA confirmed that there is no standard stitches on LV bags. This is due to all the bags are hand made therefore the stitches can be 5 or 6.

    He also adviced me that if I dun feel comfortable on my bag, then i can bring it to any LV shops for verifying my bag and they will assist me on this.

    So, my worry on my bag's stitches no more and will enjoy my bag tomorrow :smile:
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    I bought a vintage speedy DE couple months a go, it was my first LV and recently I watched a YouTube video about authenticate a speedy (it was a mono 25) and the host mentioned the 5 stitching rules. I couldnt sleep since coz my DE has 6 stitches. It's been 3 days I was trying to look for DE authenticating video and just realised 10 minutes ago tht I could just log in to tpf! I love you you guys more now and thanks for creating this topic!
  8. They have a live chat on the lv website they are very helpful with answering all types of questions