Ebene speedy 30 and wallet vs alma mm?

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  1. Hi! I am really hoping you guys can help me bc I can't seem to make a decision. In monogram I own a Palermo GM, Neverfull GM, and vintage speedy 30. In azure I have the neverfull MM and the speedy 30. Finally, in ebene I own the Totally MM and Neverfull MM.

    Heres's my dilemma. I sold the Tivoli Gm (lost its shape), Ebene speedy 35 (too big), Trevi PM (beautiful but just wasn't ME, if that makes sense), Tulum GM (strap was uncomfortable).

    I really love the ebene Alma MM bc it looks so classic and worry free. However, the ebene speedy 30 is also classic and less expensive so I would be able to get a wallet with it. My only LV wallet is the Zippy Organizer and sometimes its too big.

    I apologize if I'm confusing you guys but I REALLY need your help. This will be my anniversary present next month and possibly my final purchase for a long time.Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  2. I would get the Alma PM and the wallet. If that pushes your budget too hard, get the Speedy and the wallet.
  3. Thanks so much for your response! I really appreciate it. That's kinda what I'm leaning towards.
  4. Speedy and wallet. I had an alma and loved the shape and romance of it all. But oh.... Old girl got heavy and funny shaped when loaded up and I could not deal with carrying her anymore. Speedy so much lighter due to the less structure. I would go that route. :smile:
  5. Speedy and Alma are both beautiful classics. I think the Alma is a bit dressier. I'd choose the Alma, but in the PM size.
  6. Depends on if you'd prefer a versatile collection or would rather stick to tried and tested and add quantity. It sounds like your collection could use an Alma since you own 2 Speedies already but if that design really works for you then I'd say go for the Speedy and wallet.
  7. Thanks again for your responses! As Pandorabox said, I think it's the "romance" factor of the alma. Lol
    So ladylike.

    I LOVE diversifying my collection, but I don't want it to sit in the closet like my trevi pm. It was almost TOO elegant I guess. I went to the boutique to try on the alma PM and it seemed so small on me. I'm 5'7 135ish lbs. Lol
    They didn't have the alma MM for me to try on. Smaller store in New Orleans.

    Do you guys think the Ebene Alma MM in can still look both dressy and casual? Or the ebene speedy 30 would serve those purposes better if I dress it up with my tapage charm?
  8. The Alma is a superior bag in its construction. I would definitely buy an Alma over a Speedy.
  9. I would stay away from charms. To me, most of them look tacky.
  10. I ️ Alma. Classy and Versatile.
  11. I would say go for the Alma. I think it works great for casual wear especially in the Ebene print. If you sold the speedy 35 because it was too big I would go with the Alma PM instead of the MM.
  12. My only concern with the Alma PM is the amount the bag will hold... is the Alma MM as big as the speedy 35? Thanks again so much for your input!
  13. Alma PM
  14. The speedy 35 is about 2.5 inches bigger all around than the alma pm. I don't have an MM but it would think comparable to the 35 in size. If you didn't like how the size of the 35 looked on your frame I think the MM would look too big also. Personally, I think the shape of the Alma doesn't look great in the MM size. If the PM is too small I would rather go with the speedy and wallet.

    I think the PM fits a good amount of stuff. I can usually carry a regular sized wallet, Chanel sunglass case, lv cosmetics pouch, keys, and a pochette comfortably. There is room for a lot more stuff but because of the shape it's not recommended to stuff it.
  15. I think alma is more classy.